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Manish Sisodia has a recording of BJP show to drop issues: AAP sources

Manish Sisodia said the BJP tried to force him to take over down AAP.

New Delhi:

Delhi Vice Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has an audio recording of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader with casually to drop CBI’s case against him if left Human Public Party (AAP) and helped achieve it downsources from his own party claimed on Monday.

“We don’t need To edit the conversation at this point. But if necessary, the AAP will release a telephone conversation,” one of the leaders of the association said, asking not to be named.

Mr. Sisodia, commissioned by the Central Bank of Iraq over Allegations of drinking alcohol in the capital that have now turned policysaid earlier in The day the BJP offered”shut all cases” against him if he left AAP and cross over.

“I have received a message from the BJP – Breaking AAP and join Bharatiya Janata. we will ensure That all cases by CBI and ED against You are shutManish Sisodia tweeted two days after the Central Bank of Iraq raided and named him in charge sheet on Alleged liquor policy issue.

This claim was strongly refuted by the BJP. “This is a part of Shoot and dash in AAP policy. If they have proof, they should “He has been released,” BJP leader Pramod Swami said.

Emphasizing that all cases against he is falseManish Sisodia has challenged the BJP to do “whatever you want” to do want to do.”

“Mine reply To the BJP – I am a descendant of Maharana Pratap and Rajput. I’m ready to cut off my head but I can never kneel down In front of conspirators and corrupt people. all cases against I false. do what you do want to do,” he said in Tweet in Indian.

Criticizing Mr Sisodia, BJP leader Manoj Tiwari said it was a shame to compare himself to Maharana Pratap.

“It is a shame that he compares himself to Maharana Pratap. Did Maharana Pratap do it people drink alcohol? You sell alcohol in every angle and corner. You ignore the screams of Delhi women. I took Maharana Pratap once up arms for women,” He said.

“You are comparing Maharana Pratap with someone facing Corruption case? This is corrupt people can only find place in AAP. He will get the punishment for darkness. BJP works for ensure Punishment of violators like Manish Sisodia. number place for the corrupt in BJP” added.

Saurabh Bhardwaj, the leader of the AAP, which supports the accusation, said there were “dozens of examples”. of BJP pressures leaders of Competing parties with Investigations then drop cases once they are switched.

Sisodia, who called Arvind Kejriwal, his political mentor, said he would never betray him. My message to the BJP on offer me CM Candidate -ArvindKejriwal is my political mentor, and I will never betray him. I didn’t come here to be CMMine dream He – every child of Country should Get good Education, and only then will India become the No. 1 country. Only Kejriwal ji can do it work in The whole country,” Mr. Sisodia tweeted in Indian.

CBI recently conducted a raid senior AAP leader in A case relating to alleged wrongdoing and corruption in Delhi wines policy Who made earlier this year then rolled back.

Seemingly unchecked, Mister Sisodia last double the week down Saying that the Delhi tax policy 2021-22 was “best” of of its kind and will be earned 10,000 crores per year but for a last-the moment decision-Change by former Deputy Governor Anil Bijal.

vice Chief Minister Claims to be Mr. Bigal changed his mind on let liquor shops in Unauthorized colonies and this led to their loss of in thousands of crores to city government.

Support Vice Delhi Chief Minister and AAP Coordinator Arvind Kejriwal also BJP criticized today. He said that the BJP is led by government he is busy Abusing investigative agencies and planning ways to bring them in down elected even governments people Experiencing a sharp rise in inflation and a diving rupee.

AAP claims those cases against Sisodia and the other leaders are cooked up Because the BJP is afraid of popularity of The party Its president is Arvind Kejriwal. Sisodia said that the year 2024 general The election set To be a competition between Mr. Kejriwal and Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused the BJP of Abusing Central Agencies to Shut Down the AAP Leader.

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