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Manish Sisodia colleges under pressure to finish AAP, CBI . responds

New Delhi:

Delhi Vice Chief Minister Manish Sisodia came up with Amazing claim after nine hours of interrogation session by central office of achieve today. Officials intended to interrogate him on Delhi government’s controversial liquor policy, Mr Sisodia told reporters, has asked him to step down from the ruling nihilistic public party. They even threatened that his case could continue like who – which of Delhi Minister Satyendar Jain, who It was in jail Since May after being accused in a money laundering case alleged. They will make you Chief Minister, citing officials as saying the agency immediately denied it.

“The CBI strongly refutes these allegations and reiterates this examination of Shri Sisodia has been uploaded out in In a professional and legal manner, strictly according to the allegations against for him in fir; Investigation of The case will continue in accordance with the law.” made titles.

Mr. Sisodia shot back In a statement, the Central Bank of Iraq said: “If the officers of The Central Bank of Iraq issued a press release saying that “Operation Lotus” took place after that people You will be surprised. They weren’t focused on excise policy…completely fabricated stories.”

Access home After the marathon question session Starting at noon, Mr. Sisodia told reporters, “There was talk of taxes policy But I was pressed give in. ‘These cases will go away on like this is. They will make you Chief MinisterThey said.

“I told them I find joy in pulling an auto rickshaw son joins He said, “IIT.” Today I realized that the Central Bank of Iraq is not investigating any fraud… the case against it’s me just Supposed to make process Lotus A success,” he is added.

The AAP alleged that the BJP attempted to launch “Operation Lotus” – to overthrow the opposition government by overfishing on MLAs – in Delhi and Punjab. in delhi, party He even made a decision against He. She in the gathering last Month.

Sources said Mr Sisodia has been questioned over the alleged involvement of liquor companies in framing of liquor policy. Agency also He had questions on Allegations that liquor companies made 12 percent profit in the operation, of of which 6 per cent have been directed public Slaves through intermediaries like Hyderabad-based businessman Abhishek Bonepale.

other big The questions were on The alleged loss of the state in Process and irregularities in fetch the policy like Cabinet clearance for The new rules after it has been implemented.

In some relief to the AAP, which was preparing for Mr. Sisodia arrestThe agency did not summon him for a second session.

Mr. Sisodia house He was the subject of several searches by the CBI in August after he got the green light for An investigation by the Deputy Governor of Delhi VK Saxena. vice Chief Minister Do you prime Accused in The case, involving alleged kickbacks to political leaders by private players in exchange for liquor shop licenses.

The AAP has announced that Mr Sisodia will now be arrested in what he called “political revenge” of Bharatiya Janata Party.

The AAP claimed that the BJP was “afraid” of the outcome of Assembly election in And he wants to stop Gujarat key Campaign leaders in the state.

party chief and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal claimed that the BJP plans To keep Mr. Sisodia in jail Even after the Gujarat elections. but not jail can keep his deputy inhe is added. He wrote on Twitter: “The prison locks will be broken, Manish Sisodia will be freed.” in Indian.

Earlier today, several AAP leaders, including MP Sanjay Singh, were arrested after they organized a mass rally. against interrogation of Manish Sisodia. About 100 leaders and workers from . were arrested outside CBI office.

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