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Manish Sisodia at Ghaziabad Bank, CBI checks treasury into alleged liquor fraud in Delhi

New Delhi:

Delhi Vice Chief Minister Today Manish Sisodia said to him family I got a “clean sheet” in raids in Connection with liquor policy This is the central office of Investigative Officers (CBI) found “Nothing” in his own home And the in for him bank Closet.

Mr. Sisodia, whom I have stored in Ghaziabad bank It was examined by the Central Agency officials today targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his reaction with The media after the raid.

The closet contains jewelry worth About 70,000 rupees belong to my country children And a wife. I’m glad the Prime Minister got a home They raided my locker, but nothing happened found. Mine family I have a clean sheet in “All the raids ordered by the prime minister,” he added.

Sisodia confirmed that CBI officials behaved appropriately during the raids. “So hmm know There will be nothing found. But they are being pressured by the Prime Minister to find something to put me in in jail for few months “.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in Tweet, said that the entire investigation against His deputy was ‘inspired by filth politics”

“I hope (the middle) will end this filth politics We will allow us workMr Kejriwal tweeted.

Manish Sisodia, who home It was raided about two weeks ago, and he had said yesterday that “there will be nothing found” in his closet. Tomorrow, our CBI will storm bank Closet. nothing was found in 14 hour raid in my country house on 19. August there will be nothing found in Treasury either. Welcome to CBI. Mine family I will fully cooperate in Investigation ” in Hindi yesterday.

Mr Sisodia, who also Addressing the Delhi government is among the fifteen defendants mentioned in Flight information report submitted by the Central Bank of Iraq in liquor policy issue.

CBI confirmed that new policy Submitted without permission of Then Deputy Governor of Delhi Anil Baijal. He. She also says Many unqualified sellers have been granted licenses by Delhi government in exchange for bribes. The policyentered in November last yearafter eight months amid allegations of corruption.

The ruling General Adami Party rejected all allegations of infractions in that it policy. Sisodia said it has been implemented with complete Transparency allegedly raised the BJP issue To confront AAP political leader Arvind Kejriwal challenge. “these people incorrect concerned about the scam. Their concern is Arvind Kejriwal [the Chief Minister of Delhi]And the who Loved by the masses and emerged as a national option said after his raid home.

Over the past Husband of Weeks, AAP has come all out against BJP, accusing him of Bribing MLAs switch over in attempt to overthrow government in Delhi.

for the purpose of prove that all AAP MLAs are committed to partyArvind Kejriwal said he would take test of The majority of in Delhi Association. The Chief Minister in blisters attack against The BJP said yesterday that party he is using taxpayers money To finance the bribery and overthrow of lawmakers elected State governments led by opposition parties.

Bharatiya Janata national JB Nada chief accused AAP of Attempting to divert the topic without responding to the allegations against that it government.

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