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A Man who lost 22 relatives in Partition finds nephew in Pakistan | India news

Sarwan Singh, 92 years old, is set To meet his nephew at Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib on Monday.

The heart has its reasons. A 92-year-Old native of Punjab who lost 22 members of his extended family in the massacre of the partition, But he did not give up hope of Finding 22 missing is set to be reunited with his long-lost nephew in Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib on Monday, 75 years since last they watched each other.

Mohan Singh, who I was six At that Time, is now Abdul Khaliq, but no corridor of Time nor involuntary change in His identity will weaken his uncle Sarwan Singh’s joy at this loss and found epilogue.

Sirwan settled in Canada with his son, but in the neighborhood in In Punjab since the outbreak of the pandemic, two YouTubers on also side of Thanks for the border for Trace the trail of his nephew.

Harjit Singh of Punjab Jandiala and the who Stories are documented divide on YouTube; the search started for Mohan about eight months ago when he interviewed the latter’s uncle. Five months later posting The video, Pakistani YouTube master Muhammad Javed Iqbal told the story of the Creator in his childhood after The partition separated from its Hindu counterpart Khatri family. One of the nuggets highlighted in The interview was that Abdul had two thumbs on one palm.

Gurdev Singh Bath in Australia just watched both videos and called me about 45 days ago to talk about a creator. Then Muhammad Javid went to Khaliq during my visit to Sarwan’s overnight stay. We arranged a video call, Harjit said, and asked Sarwan Khaliq about the birthmark on his left thigh that confirmed his identity. They started talking to each other on Then first video call leading to the Reunion planned in Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib”.

Sarwan family Lived in Chak 12/37 in the Former Montgomery District of Present-day Pakistan when the horrors of division hit.

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