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Man shot to death on Goldman Sachs says NYC subway was banker’s ‘favorite’

  • Goldman Sachs said that man who was shot dead on New York subway train was “favorite” employee.
  • Daniel Henriquez was killed on Q subway train for Manhattan on Sunday, the NYPD said.
  • The company called the incident “a senseless tragedy.” in insider statement.

Goldman Sachs said that man who was killed on underground in New York on Sunday was a valuable banker who worked in a company for nine years.

Daniel Henriquez, 48, was shot to death in chest while riding the Q train bound for Manhattan, the New York City Police Department said. in a news conference at Canal Street station.

Enriquez and the shooter did not communicate prior to the shooting, said Kenneth Corey, chief of department.

This was stated by a representative of Goldman Sachs. in Insider statement: “Daniel Henriquez was a dedicated and beloved member of Goldman Sachs family for nine years. He worked hard on support our macro study team in New York and represents our culture of cooperation and excellence.”

They are added: “We are devastated by this senseless tragedy and our deepest condolences with Dan family during this difficult time.”

Corey said during news conference held by the suspect off train when it arrived at the Canal Street station and the police did not arrest anyone at that time of in announcement on Sunday.

Griselda Vile, Enriquez’s sister, told The New York Times that her brother most of the time avoided using the subway of pandemic out of fear of get sick.

This came after New York Mayor Eric Adams said in interview with Financial Times on tuesday that business executives, including the CEO of JPMorgan, should use subway to get to work in promotion efforts people back to office.

There have been various attacks on The New York subway is year. April 10th people were injured in shooting on train N in New York. The suspect, Frank James, was arrested for about 30 years. hours after attack.

In a separate incident several months earlier, a 40-year-old woman who waited for a train on platform in Times Square was pushed to her death in front of Q train, Police Commissioner Kichant Sewell said in briefing.

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