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Man “killed” in Ziarat operation shows up in the press – Pakistan

QUETTA: Zahir Ahmed Bangulzai, who was identified family among five men killed in operation launched by the security forces after the kidnapping and martyrdom of an army officer and his cousin from Ziarat were brought before media at a press conference in capital of Balochistan on Friday.

family previously claimed that Zahir was on the missing list and claimed that he was killed by security forces along with with four others in Ziarat operation.

Belonging to the Bangulzai-Baluchi tribe, Zahir appeared before media together with tribal elder and PPP leader Sardar Nur Ahmed Bangulzai at the latter’s residence. Two brothers of Zahir – Khurshid Ahmed Bangulzai and Ghulam Haider Bangulzai – were also gift.

family received body from the hospital after they identified one of body like that of Zahir. They later buried body in in family cemetery in Mastung city, about 50 km from Quetta.

“I was in a jail in Iran,” Zahir told reporters. media adding that when he returned home several days back after his release, family was amazed.

“I was also surprised to hear about my alleged death in operation as a missing person and that my family members also arranged my funeral,” he said, adding that he was quite alive and not know how appeared his name on the missing list.

He said he didn’t belong to any organization and in in real property business. “I went to Iran with friend with visa, but the Iranian authorities arrested me and sent me to jail. I spent nine months in Iranian jail”, he said, adding that Iranian authorities blindfolded him before dropping him near the border with Pakistan.

Zahir said that he reached Naushek and the other day returned to Mastung, where he connected with cousin and went home with where is he family the participants were surprised to see him alive. They told him (Zahir) that the hospital staff had passed over a body so that they identify him as Zahir Ahmed.

This was stated by Khurshid Ahmed Bangulzai. media that since his brother missing for for a while he filed a report with police station.

PPP leader Sardar Nur Ahmed Bangulzai told reporters that through “false misleading propaganda”, there were attempts made to show killed in operation “Ziarat” as “missing”.

“Elements who died during surgery against those who martyred Lieutenant Colonel Laik Baig Mirza and his cousin Umar Javed Ziarat were involved in valid of terrorism,” he said, adding that the attempts were made include name of Zahir Bangulzai in fictional list of already missing persons in order to present them as innocent citizens and divert attention from this heinous act of terrorism.

Tribal elder said that the opponents of the world were killed in operation “Ziarat” and a “drama” was created regarding killing of “missing”.

“The man, namely Zahir Ahmed who belongs to the Bangulzai tribe, not only alive, but also also gift with us,” he said.

The chief of the tribe welcomed the formation of judicial commission for sounding killing of in people in Ziarat operation and said government should also form another judicial commission for investigation of extortion from mine owners and even miners from outside people of banned organizations in Margat and other areas.

Published in Dawn, July 30, 2022

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