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Mamata Banerjee’s nephew about the use of central agencies after being questioned in a coal scam

Abhishek Banerjee has been questioned for For the third time by the implementation department in Coal smuggling investigation


Abhishek Banerjee, nephew of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and National General Secretary of Congress Trinamool, today launched a stinging attack attack on Federal Home Minister Amit Shah and the BJP after being questioned by Executive Directorate (ED) officials in Kolkata for nearly eight hours as part of Coal smuggling investigation. “BJP claims to be the leader of else party he is ‘Babu“. But in reality Amit Shah himself is the eldestBabu“. he is just Can not be done politics without using (central) agencies”.

Mr. Shah’s contract directly responsible for Coal and livestock smuggling in Bengal, Mr. Banerjee alleged: “CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) is linked to the coal scam. What was the BSF (Border Security Force) doing when smuggling livestock? took place On the border? this is not cow- The corruption of trafficking is the corruption of the Minister of the Interior. Union Minister of condition for Home Nishith Pramanik himself is a cow thief. Investigation of cow theft It is performed by cow Thieves.”

Speaking to medical staff after being questioned, Banerjee said: “So anyone Can prove I even took five paisa illegally, I’m ready to hang. I am ready face interrogation 30 times And I’m ready to bow before people of Bengal, but it will not bow before the BJP” added.

This is the third time that Mr. Banerjee has been questioned by the ED. central office of The CBI has submitted an indictment in July this year against 41 people shared in Coal scam, although Mr. Banerjee’s name is not mentioned in He. She.

Taking criticism of the Union Interior Minister, who son Jay Shah, Secretary of The Commission of control for cricket in India, accused by the opposition parties of “Flag Waving Refused” on the basis of on Video after India’s victory over Pakistan in Asia Cup match in Dubai last Sunday, Mr Banerjee said: “Let him (Amit Shah) first Teach him patriotism son Before trying to teach patriotism to people of Bengal. If he thinks he will scare me unleashing ED and CBI on me, because I had criticized him sonHe is wrong.” Mr. Banerjee added: “They questioned my wife and I seven times So far, but result he is zero. However, BJP leaders who catch them on camera The central organs have never invoked bribes.”

Mr. Banerjee also Alleged BJP leader Suvindu Adhikari of the opposition in Bengal Association, done in touch with one of Accused in coal scam who now missing. He claimed to have an audio clip of prove His case will be presented in court.

When Mr. Banerjee arrived at the Central Government Office (CGO) complex in Salt Lake at 10:30 am Trinamol Congress launched offensive on social mediasharing clips of Prime Minister Narendra Modi complains of misuse of Central investigation agencies when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Trinamool Congress claimed that fear of the storm of support for The party in Bengal, BJP is using Central agencies to harass leaders of judgment party and snatched power. speaking in foundation Today’s party of The party’s student suite on August 29, Bengal Chief Minister They claimed: “In Maharashtra, they brought down The government. who gave money? From where he came? Where is the CBI? Where is the ED? They tried to break government in Jharkhand also. I’ve stopped MLAs here in Bengal. Ms Banerjee said: “Abhishek Banerjee gave a wonderful speech today. I hope they don’t give him (ED) notice tomorrow. They had issued notices earlier to him and even his wife. Now they can issue Notice to two of them-year-Old daughter also. “

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