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Make Nitish Kumar Vice President, BJP Colleges Advance From Former Ally

Sushil Kumar Modi has claimed that some leaders of the JD(U) party wanted Nitish Kumar as Vice President


some people in Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar party wanted Sushil Kumar Modi, BJP Member of Parliament, told reporters today. Mr. Moody, who He was the deputy of Mr. Kumar before he became the deputy of the Rajya Sabha, said the same leaders of Janata Dal (United) who approached him with Plan that he can become Bihar Chief Minister If Mr. Kumar goes to Delhi as Vice President.

Some dinars (U) people He came to say that ‘Nitish Kumar cum and you are should rule in Modi told reporters: just by Mr. Kumar took Department of Bihar Chief Minister for a record Eighth.

The Chief Minister He denied having any national Ambitious, I acted only to save him party From the BJP strategy to cut it to size. “Whether I’ll stay or not, let’s people Say what they will say. I’m not an aspirant for Prime Minister post. The question is the person’s will who came in 2014 win in 2024. in last month and halfI stopped talking to media today, Mr. Kumar said.

Janata Dal (United) or JD (U), national President Rajiv Ranjan Lalan Singh also He rejected Mr. Modi’s allegations. said when media Reports first Speculated that Mr. Kumar is likely to be the presidential candidate or opposition vice president if he cut ties with It is clear that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) (U) denied this possibility of Nothing like that happens. “They are just industry up Stories,” JD (U) Chairman said today, in response to Mr Modi.

Mr. Modi said Mr. Kumar had insulted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and people of Bihar who they voted for NDA (National Democratic Alliance). “we will like to see how new Bihar government mission with Tejashwi (Yadav) de facto Chief Minister. The government will fall by next opinion polls,” Mr. Modi said.

Mr. Kumar cut ties with BJP over a range of Reasons, chief among them his concerns that the BJP might attempt to do Maharashtra in Bihar.

We didn’t try to separate Shiv Sena in Maharashtra”, said Mr. Modi, denying allegations by JD(U) that the BJP was working on offloading out JD (U) inside. “Nitish will abandon RJD (Rashtriya Janata Dal) and try to split him up to benefit of “Lalu Yadav is ill,” said the BJP MP.

Tejashwi Yadav of RJD is Mr. Kumar’s deputy.

“I was not want To be Chief Minister after 2020 results But I was pressured… ask people in The party what they were reduced to me. Then you see what happened. I didn’t even talk to you in two months,” said Mr. Kumar in His speech after taking the oath.

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