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make an investigation ‘possible Links ‘Between the Mask and the Invisible Hands’ behind Hijab Row: Bharatiya Janata Party MP for Kataka CM

BJP MP Anantkumar Heigd of Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai for Detailed investigation intopossible Links “between Maskan Khan College student who Recently praised by al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, the “Invisible Hands” behind Hijab class and forbidden outfits.

Praise Muskan Khan for stands up in defense of Hijab and chant “God is the greatest” Al-Zawahiri in A video message praised a girl, Mendia.

hegde a former Union Minister, said Muscain’s behavior became world news And it was rewarded by several Islamic organizations, and now Al-Zawahiri is its leader of banned terror out Her favor was praised.

In spite of Karnataka High Court orderMany political leaders, fundamentalists and students staged protests in favor of He said the veil in educational institutions in Letter, dated April 8, to Chief Minister.

he is also I noticed that the Supreme Court also in The ruling on hijab had suggested this possibility of Involvement of Some invisible hands behind Class over wearing of hijab in Classroom of Educational institutions.

“So, I hereby request for Detailed investigation into possible links between student The Mask and the Hidden Hands behind The controversy over the veil and the banned organization.

In response to a question about Hegde’s message, Bomai said he would talk to him and ask him to share information in This connection, if any.

“Let’s see, I don’t know Whats going on. I will talk to Anantkumar Hegde regarding information has, based on “We will take the necessary measures,” he told reporters.

In the Arabic video, with English translation provided by SITE Intelligence Group that tracks online Activity of Al-Zawahiri reads that white supremacist organizations and jihadists, earlier this month out poem in it says he wrote for “Our Mujahideen Sister” and for Her “brave act”.

“May Allah reward you reward Ha for exposing reality of Hinduism and deception of Al Qaeda’s “Pagan Democracy” Said The Leader in The video that ended the speculation about him death due to natural causes.

peak of hijab class in February, Maskan Khan, A second-year BCom student in Mandia was teasing him group of the students, wearing saffron shawl, for college entry with veil.

As they chanted “Jai Shri Ram”, Muskaan responded by shouting “God is Greatest”. After that, the college authorities intervened and took control of the situation.


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