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Mahwa Muitra dares Nirmala Sitharaman on Free gifts: “I’ll bet 15,000 pounds on you” | India latest news

finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman on On Saturday, he said states should consider their fiscal position before announcing election procedures so that they can then do so win Elections come back to me government againThey can keep their promises.

Trinamol Lok Sabha MP Mahwa Muitra thrown Dare to finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman over Free issue Such as minister on On Saturday, when state governments announce urgent measures before elections, they should check financial strength even when they do, he said on Saturday win and come back, they can fulfill the promise. “Wrong… madam.. I’ll bet on you R15 lakh you can’t tell Modiji this faceMahwa Muitra tweeted, sharing a screenshot of a news Article – Commodity on Citraman comment. Read also | Not all freebies can be considered sponsorship schemes: Supreme Court

In an interactive program organized by the Economic Cell of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Bengaluru, finance minister Alsopp said it could be anything like Free electricity. “And I’m not telling you should Do not do it ” added. Do it but do it sure you understand financial level of Your state, financial power of Your state and after it was promised during the elections, you wonyou come back ensure That you fulfill it because you were given a word and how to make sure This is for you budget She will have a judgment for She said “.

The issue of Freebies are taking center stage with The center and the warring nihilistic general party over This is after PM Modi in His last letters addressed issue. In July, Prime Minister Modi spoke of ‘Renaissance culture’ in one of Sermon and warning people against this is. President of AAP and President of Delhi minister Arvind Kejriwal said that providing free healthcare and education for bus travel is not free but waived loans of friends.

as discussion on go free onNirmala Sitharaman said bringing health and education into the discussion is a “harmful development” as there is no Indian government Since independence they have been denied ever.

Opposition leaders have also Shemed in For discussion with Congress questions tax breaks of The “government friends of the rich”.

On the issue of Free elections, the Supreme Court recently noted that not all free grants can be formulated as welfare schemes. Line should is being drawn Between welfare measures, free gifts, and debate should Impact assessment begins of Free gifts on The economy of State and taxpayers.

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