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Maharashtra police on alert after Raj Thackeray’s warning

Raj Thackeray said he “wont responsible for What happens next.” (file image)

New Delhi:

Entire force of Maharashtra Police ‘on alert and ready’ to face any deterioration of State of law and order, top police officer in The state told NDTV today. Maharashtra DGP Rajneesh Seth also added That speech by Maharashtra President Navnirman Sena (MNS) Raj Thackeray – where he reiterated warning for remover of Loudspeakers above mosques – they are being “considered” and “legal action will be taken if necessary”.

“The police are ready for Any situation of law and order. Strict action will be taken against these who Mr. Seth said.

The police chief’s response came after the head of the National Security Service repeated the “May 3 deadline.” warning for remover of Loudspeakers, which he described as noisy, are above mosques.

Insisting that the state police were “on alert and on Standby mode, Mr. Seth said, “Maharashtra Police are capable of Dealing with any type of The state of law and order. All police leave has been cancelled. 87 companies of State Reserve Police Force (SRPF) and 30,000 home Guards have been deployed across the state.”

“the police responsible for maintain law and order no one should takes the law into their own hands,” he said, warning strict work against these who disturbing law and order.

“I appeal to everyone to keep the peace” added.

Raj Thackeray repeated his May 3 deadline for remover of Loudspeakers over mosques at a rally in Aurangabad, warning It’ won’t responsible for Whatever happens after that.”

“I won responsible for What happens after the May 3 deadline to remove loudspeakers from mosques,” said the head of MNS at public gathering in Aurangabad.

From May 4, the movement’s chief said, All Hindus should play Hanuman Chalisa in double the size of Loudspeakers over mosques.

He added, “If they (Muslims) do not understand well, we will do so show for them power of Maharashtra”.

Loudspeaker noise not my religion issue But the social one, He said. “All loudspeakers (above mosques) are illegal. Is it a concert where many loudspeakers are used?” He said.

Mr Thackeray said if Uttar Pradesh government It can remove the loudspeakers, what was stopping Maharashtra governmentled by his estranged cousin Uddhav Thackeray, from doing so.

The police officer said the letter of the head of the movement was being “considered” and “legal action will be taken if necessary”.

“Aurangabad CP is looking into the letter. Any legal action required will be taken,” Seth told reporters, two days after Thackeray, at a rally. in Aurangabad, call for “Silencing” loudspeakers from mosques starting May 4th.

Mr. Seth met State Home Secretary Dilip Wallis Patel earlier on Tuesday and Monday, combined with senior Police officials, review the future state of law and order of Deadline for MNS Head.


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