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Madison Cawthorne under investigation by House Ethics Subcommittee

A subgroup of the House Ethics Committee is investigating Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorne to determine if he participated in the in wrong relationship with employee and whether he illegally promoted cryptocurrency in what he might have had undisclosed financial interest.

Democratic-led House Ethics Committee announced On Monday, a unanimously constituted investigative subcommittee, led by Democratic Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, is investigating the relationship of the North Carolina Republican. with employee and cryptocurrency matter. Youngest member of Congress at 26, Trump-backed Cawthorne. lost his original race earlier this month.

Investigation comes after political action group against Cawthorn, American Muckrakers, filed a complaint with office of Congressional Ethics Claims Numerous Violations of Cawthorn and one of his aides in the House of Representatives, alleging that the congressman provided an aide with free housing, travel and loans. group quoted social media messages suggesting a personal relationship between Chowrne and assistant Stephen Smith. Some in own party pushed for also an investigation. Senator Tom Tillis of North Carolina supported the rival from Cothorn and pushed for ethical investigation into Cawthorn citing a potential insider trading.

Cawthorne called the allegations a “coordinated attack” and insisted that in advertising that he wont back down.

Monday night Blake Harp, Chief Cawthorne of staff said in statement: “We welcome the opportunity prove that Congressman Cawthorne did not commit any wrongdoing and that he was falsely accused by party opponents for political advantage.”

“I never turned in Washington and the swamp hate me,” he said. in a video released last a month before the primaries. “They are want someone who will make backroom deals and sell out our values ​​and someone who will leave America first”principles”.

Cawthorn has drawn attention to this before. year for declaring his colleagues invited him to an orgydrawing criticism from some Republicans colleagues. the Koran was also has stopped with downloaded gun at the airport earlier this month in Charlotte, after authorities caught him trying to carry a gun on a plane. in Asheville early last year.

is not clear how long ethics of the House panelx work will take. Subcommittee also said on Monday he would not investigate the congressman for driving with revoked license and speeding in North Carolina.

Republican Rep. Michelle Fischbach and Democratic Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester also work on Investigative Subcommittee.

– CBS News correspondent Nicole Killion contributed to this report.


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