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Madhya Pradesh on high alert due to ‘Serial Stone Killer’

Sketch of The suspect was released by the police.


city in Madhya Pradesh on On high alert as “Stoneman”, an alleged serial killer who hits only in The dead of night is on loose.

Four cases, including three in The last three nights, with matching pattern of attack It was reported from Sagar district. everybody of They died, and their heads were smashed with hammer, shovel, or stones;

Tuesday morning, locals found 60-year- Shampuram Dubey, a security guard at Sagar College of Art and Commerce, was killed near the canteen. killing in his sleep. Forensic Medicine team found A blood-stained stone near him body.

a mobile was the phone also found Near Dubey’s body. slide card It was missing but a quick check revealed that it belonged to 57-year- Kalyan Lodi, another security guard who reached death The night before in a factory.

The other victim, Mangal Ahirwar, was assaulted on Tuesday night. Transferred to Bhopal Hospital with Severe injuries to the skull. he died on The way. He was targeted while being exposed on duty near Moti Nagar area of Sagar.

earlier in May, Utam Rajak, who Work as a bouncer in over- Bridge construction site on It was macaroni panda road found killed. The killer kept a shoe on he hit face.

no one of Victims were looted.

According to sources, the accused was spotted in CCTV footage wearing White shirt and shorts.

Multiple Madhya Pradesh Police formed teams to track down the accused announced Reward 20,000 rupees on for him arrest.

Sketch of suspect also They were released on the basis of on The information Introduction of the serial killer latest The victim and surveillance cameras were recovered from the spots of the kill.

“The police are working on dual including how to protect people and second how To track down the killer and arrest him. Special teams “It has been set up and CSP-Sagar is leading the entire investigation,” said Sagar District Police Director Tarun Nayak.

“policeman team Forest raided late last night on information about the suspect. We appeal to all of these with CCTV cameras to check footage of The last a few days and share with us Anything incriminates. identities of Informants won’t be revealed.” added.

Madhya Pradesh home minister Narutam Mishra said, “The police of the entire Sagar District on On high alert, the night patrols were further intensified in Sagar and security guards on night duty in various Spots have been placed on maximum Warning. From the CCTV footage analyzed so far, a man is seen running. An ongoing investigation suggests that it may be one man who They are committing these killings, but until the time of the arrest of the killer, the additional suspension will create confusion.”

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