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Looking for comfort in continuity of monarchy as Britain hails it new King

SIR – Queen Elizabeth has been mentioned all my life in our economy – first according to my mother, who admired her immensely, and later me with my own family and friends.

My mother even dressed like in Balmoral (we also lived in Scotland). As a monarch, she was a living representative of for a long time history of our country, of which I am immensely proud of.

She did an amazing job and kept traditional standards and beliefs, while at the same time managing move with in times. People would do well to imitate her.

now i’m passing mine support her son, who I sure will prove great king.

Pamela Vinyall
Chesham, Buckinghamshire

SIR – In 1952 news of George VI death took days to reach lonely outposts of outback Australia.

Friday, in a few minutes of sunrise, sunset on our own Elizabethan age was here seen and heard by all. And for breakfast, the word with the letter “R” was already ringing over ether: not Rex, but the Republic.

The modern consciousness of Australia, with his due caution of past injustice, gave rise to an uneasy relationship with colonial history and a curious monarchical dissonance. The Platinum Anniversary was marked by the arrival of prime minister Anthony Albanese, appoint minister for the republic set the task with dismantling of the constitutional monarchy. Meanwhile support for Queen Elizabeth hit five-year highs, and Republican sentiment dropped to five-year lows

King Charles now has unique possibility build on the totem heritage of the late queen to bring back the Australian imagination. Deep historical, cultural and social links between the two spheres should be noted; strength of Commonwealth, with king on his head and a heart strengthened. For we are all down here or up there, to lose so much if minister for the republic has its own way.

Greig Lamont
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

SIR. As someone who is only a few years younger than Queen Elizabeth, I have many memories. of her long reign, but I was always particularly impressed way her influence stretched outside the United Kingdom.

I remember how at the very beginning my relatives traveled over from Ireland for coronation and joined neighbors crowded around me parents’ house watch it on their precious television.

When news of Queen Elizabeth death was announced, we received guests from the United States, and they expressed their deep respect for her character and exemplary behavior.

She personified the most best of our country people through world for 70 years old, and had extremely positive effect on in way we are perceived abroad.

Bridget Moody
Bradford-on- Avon, Wiltshire

SIR. A few years ago, I gave a short presentation in class. of ten-year-old children in normal public school in Queen Creek, a city near Phoenix, Arizona.

AT one i showed the picture of Harry Potter. i heard some of the girls gasp, “Oh Harry!” Of course everything children knew who he was.

Later I showed a picture of Queen Elizabeth. I asked if anyone knew who She was. One time again each hand shot up. At that moment I realized power and reach of monarchy.

Keith Ogden
Paphos, Cyprus

SIR. As a Frenchman, I can assure you. of deep admiration and affection for Queen Elizabeth among my countrymen. Too rare display of friendship with the British people Emmanuel Macron found mot juste when he stated: “For you, she was your queen. To usShe was the Queen.” United in mourning her death wish long and happy reign to King Charles III.

La Reine est morte, vive le Roi.

Antoine Puybaro
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

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