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longer work visa can tempt more international students to the UK, survey results | Foreign students

International students will more probably think about studying in Great Britain if they were allowed to stay and work for three years instead of two, the poll suggests.

Foreign students were able to stay on as well as work in United Kingdom for two years later completing their course since 2019, when government restored twoyear post-study work visa after years of pressure from universities.

Vivien Stern, director of Universities UK International, vice chancellors say wanted in government to review or two-year visa forms were “a barrier to employment international alumni, and ensure in the UK there was a “competitive post-study work sentence”.

This change will bring the UK closer to Australia’s approach, which proposes overseas Graduates post-study work visa of up up to four years, depending on their course and level of study. Australia overtook the UK in 2018 second most popular destination for international students after USA.

Interview of 100,000 international QS education analysts have shown that two-thirds will more probably think about studying in UK, if post-study work visa was extended.

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Two-year visa was canceled by the then home secretary Theresa May, in 2012 in attempt to curb immigration. However, research has shown that less than one-fifth of students plan to stay after three years.

Instead of of reduction in immigration, universities have warned that the removal post-study work visa in 2012 took its toll international student recruitment. Since it was restored, the institutions say they have succeeded in achieving the goal of set 600 000 international students year a decade earlier.

As well as providing an important revenue stream for British universities, according to a recent survey international students have benefited the UK economy for £26bn each year.

The report calls for government to review policy and restrictions on help encourage further growth in post-pandemic sector and situation post-Brexit UK as an equally welcoming destination for international students like him key competitors”.

The expansion would be especially attractive to Indian students, with nearly three-quarters (73%) said three years would make a lot of them more I’ll probably look at the UK. Numbers of Indian students choose to study in UK plummets after cancellation of two-year post-study work visa in 2012 and have quadrupled since the recovery.

Inclusion more Studying Indian students in British institutions is a priority for Indian government as well higher education is expected feature noticeably in forthcoming visit of UK ministers to India on June 6 for discussion trade to deal with.

This was announced by the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. post-study work offers through countries were not “directly are comparable and we think our option strikes the right balance.”

She said, “These on the graduate route may remain in UK and see for work in any skill level for Period of two years or three years for those with PhD, and switch into experienced work routes if they find a suitable job.”

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