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“Long Term Reception”: Biden Administration Turns to Long Term strategy help the Afghans

Administration is doubled. down on existing immigrant routes, like special immigrant visas (SIV) and refugee program help Afghans are interested in comes to the USA.

“This commitment has no end date – a commitment to relocate our Afghan allies,” the statement said. senior administration official told reporters.

“As part of Enduring Welcome, we will focus our resettlement efforts on three main qualification categories, official said, quoting family reunion for next of kin of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents and those who resettled over in past year, special applicants for immigrant visas and accepting refugees in the United States program.

this is part of ongoing efforts to help the Afghans and optimize processing.

Senior administration officials previously announced they eliminate one of two forms for most new SIV applicants, change in the process they said “will shave about a month off of decision time.” Removing the form means that all processing will be handled by the Department of State and not the USCIS. But it will still be a very rigorous process.

As of July, were more over 74,000 applicants in pipeline SIV — more than 16000 of who submitted all the documents required for Main of Mission approval, according to a State Department spokesman.

As the administration shifts to a long term strategy, officials expect a phased out grant of parole for Afghans on large scale, like happened last year and ending use of building that served final stop in United States for settlers in country.

Earlier this year, the administration entered into a contract with the National Convention Center, located in neighborhood in Loudoun County, Virginia to be used as temporary pit stop for evacuated Afghans. Contract runs to end of this fiscal year.

“Now we can assign people to destination communities directly from overseas so people you can go non-stop” senior administration official said.

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