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Local Web 3 Development Gets a Boost with Nanjing’s Metaverse Platform Launch

Nanjing city in China has introduced the application innovation platform and Chinese Blockchain technology with the aim of Create China Metaverse technology and application innovation platform.

the foundation for Metaverse research And development

Led by Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST), a newly established state-supported Chinese enterprise organization he have announced release of A platform dedicated to the metaverse research And development.

composed of Founding members of various Academic institutions and blockchain-related companies in Mainland China, a platform designed to promote progress of Metaverse technology across the country.

Expressing optimism and enthusiasm, the district representative is eagerly anticipating cooperation with various Stakeholders to embrace the next “blowout”. of metaverse and achieve important milestones, instill confidence The area is well-groomed for This technology wave.

the former Vice minister of science and technology Wu Zhong Zi, also comments on this development Emphasis on importance of Introducing metaverse apps in fields like Education, commerce, health care and entertainment, while also the invitation for Enterprise of industry standards.

variable position on Digital currencies

as a prominent person city in Mainland China, this development Nanjing Strong joined the race to become key player in multidimensionality of the country development by unveiling his own metaverse strategy earlier this yearto generate annual revenue exceeding 135 billion yuan ($19.13 billion) by 2025.

this move By Nanjing follows in footsteps of Shanghai, recently introduced a variety range of 20 Metaverse use cases. These innovative applications cover various sectors, incl virtual Healthcare Diagnostics and digital recuperation of Famous architectural landmarks in Shanghai.

the introduction of Metaverse strategies and initiatives by cities like Nanjing and Shanghai highlights China recognition of Ability of This emerging technologyhe ran in A stark contrast to mainland Chinese’s restrictive approach to digital assets.

This was the anti-crypto stance in place for Long before cryptocurrency was banned in September 2021 It is believed that remain for What is expected future.

However, the combination of metaverse platform announcement in Nanjing, the cryptocurrency broadcaster of China Central Television information It may be a turning point.

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