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Liz Truss says She will stop Sinn Féin’s attempts to drive a wedge between Northern Ireland and the UK

Liz Truss, hoping for the leadership of the Conservative Party, hit out to Sinn Féin and blamed party of trying”drive wedge” between Northern Ireland and the UK.

he attack by the Minister of Foreign Affairs was accompanied by criticism of other policies in degraded nations of United Kingdom.

Miss Truss also slammed SNP for their push over a second Scottish independence referendum and the First Minister said of Wales’ rely on OK of nationalists.”

Favorite to get a job of prime minister and leader of the Tory party declared its commitment to support the United Kingdom and in the statement insisted that she would manage for all of the UK”family” if she gets the keys to number 10.

She claimed one of her priorities if she wins race take on in role will open new markets” for ships in Northern Ireland and added that it will put an end to “constitutional division”.

Miss Truss said, “It’s been too long, people in parts of our United Kingdom was allowed down with their decentralized administrations playing political games instead of focusing on their priorities.”

“In Northern Ireland, Sinn Féin remains seeks drive Wedged between Northern Ireland and Great Britain and moving further and further away.

“Growing up up in Paisley before entering a comprehensive school in Leeds, I consider myself a child of Union. When I say I will deliver for our country, I mean everything of It.

“As prime ministerI would also Keep role of minister for Union and strive to strengthen it,” she said. added.

“We are not four separate nations in Agreement of convenience as some would like us believe. We one great the country that shares a history and institutions, but also family and friends, memories and values.

“I would ensure that all our family continues to get the attention, support, and investment it deserves.”

Her intervention came after she caused controversy by denouncing Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as an “attention seeker”, suggesting she would ignore her demands. for new referendum on independence.

upcoming of visit next a week to Scotland, she blamed the SNP of be preoccupied with in issue of independence when, according to her, they should be focused on recession prevention.

“In Scotland, instead of delivery on people priorities, SNPs are concerned with Independence, she said. added.

SNP has hit out in the comments blaming Ms Truss of have “total ignore” for Scotland.

AT new prime minister will be announced when MPs return to Westminster after the summer break on September 5th.

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