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Liz Truss reviews plans freeze electricity bills until next elections

Miss Truss first policy announcement will that campaign numbers named twin package of measures to ensure help households with rising electricity bills plus reform of power supply.

While the farm campaign kept silent in public on measures on Monday details of options are considered.

The Telegraph realizes that Miss Truss plans freeze electricity bills, which can last all way until 2024 and is also leaning toward freezing all 28 million households rather than offering means-tested support across the set campaign and treasury sources.

One government familiar figure with Farm campaign policy discussions suggested that the intervention would be “huge” and that campaign wanted “a simple solution.

Kwasi Kwarteng, set be appointed chancellor on Tuesday hinted at two-year intervention in Financial Times, stating that package would help businesses and families “this winter and next”.

Freezing price the cap would mean yearly electricity bills for the average family will remain 1971 pound sterling instead of jump to £3549 next month. General package could cost Treasury Department up up to £100 billion.

money could be given to energy companies as a loan, and industry bosses have been known to offer to repay it. via collection on household bills after the crisis has passed. However, this will mean that household bills will not fall as fast as they would otherwise.

Farm campaign figures insisted final decisions yet to be taken with the discussion continues this week. Saving prices fixed for like winter of 2022-23 and 2023-24 will reflect the conviction of her campaign that the electricity bills will remain unusually high in 2024

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