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Liz Truss’ reaction to Pakistan floods called ‘ridiculous’

Great Britain official response to devastating floods in Pakistan has been condemned as a ‘ridiculous’ parliament international development Committee.

In a letter to a foreigner secretary Liz Truss, IDC Chair Sarah Champion, said that support of up up to £1.5m announced last a week is less than 5 pence for every person affected by extreme rainfall that destroyed at least 700,000 homes.

Ms Champion said she was embarrassed “pathetically small” level of help offered. And she said that decision subtract the amount from the existing support To Pakistan meant that the UK was actually providing “nothing”.

She demanded an urgent application on disaster from Ms Truss like soon as parliament back from summer break on Monday.

Ms Champion said the response to the floods reflected policy of Boris Johnson’s administration’s “persistent indifference” to Pakistan, which has slipped from first up to the seventh in Table of recipients of UK bilateral aid since 2019.

foreign office minister Lord Ahmad last week said that his “thoughts and prayers” were with in millions of people flood victims who reportedly inundated one-third of Land of Pakistan.

“Great Britain stands with in people of Pakistan at this time of need,” he said.

And Mr. Johnson said on Tuesday: “Our sympathies are very great. with in people of Pakistan and we’ve seen the devastation there and it’s absolutely heartbreaking.

Pakistan traditionally one of the largest recipients of Great Britain overseas to help. We will of of course do sure that we send a fitting package proportionate with the vital relationship that exists between the UK and Pakistan and people’s natural sympathies with those who flooded.”

But Ms. Champion told Ms. Truss in her letter: “Bearing in remember the scale and effect of flood, I was ashamed to read announcement through government on August 27, 2022 of ‘up up to £1.5m from the UK.” in humanitarian funding.

“Even full 1.5 million pounds was delivered, this amount less than 5 pence for each affected person.

“Besides being pathetically small the amount will be deducted from the ‘existing support to Pakistan.” The United Kingdom government’s ludicrous response to this humanitarian catastrophe is perhaps useless.”

Ms. Champion said that Ms. Truss failed respond to a report published by her cross-party committee four months ago, highlighting the impact of cuts in UK aid on Pakistan.

“This government implemented policy of persistent indifference to Pakistan,” she said.

“Historically, Pakistan has been a priority country for Great Britain development expenses. Between 2015 and 2019, he was the largest recipient of UK bilateral official development assistance.

“However, British funding for aid to Pakistan has been drastically reduced. Pakistan dropped to seventh in in list of beneficiaries of the UK’s bilateral aid because it has experienced the most one-time decrease in any country budget”.

There was no immediate response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the request. for comment from Independent.

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