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Liz Truss is accused of “ideological cleansing” in dismissal of the best civil servant in the UK

Great Britain prime minister Liz Truss was accused of carrier out “ideological cleansing” of senior civil servants after she approved the dismissal of Sir Tom Schoolboy, an experienced regular secretary at the Treasury on her first day in Job.

Whitehall insiders fear Scientist’s dismissal on Tuesday will be cold effect on public service and make it less likely that officials will say “truth to power”.

Farm also removed her national Security Advisor Sir Stephen Lovegrove in her first a week in Downing Street and is expected to replace Simon Case in the cabinet. secretary, in coming weeks.

The instant dismissal of a scientist caused a shock in the highest echelons of power of civil service. Dave Penman general secretary of Food and Drug Administration, senior public union servants called it “an ideological purge of permanent secretaries.

Lord Peter Ricketts, former head of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated: “We are starting move to American-style politicization of the best jobs.

“The whole point of permanent secretaries was that they would ensure continuity and experience as they were not beholden to individual ministers. They would be more most likely to speak truth to power”.

During the leadership contest, Tory Truss denounced the Treasury’s “orthodoxy” and “account economics”.

Kwasi Kwarteng, new the chancellor, agreed and fired Scientist shortly after Truss appointed him to the Treasury. on Tuesday evening. “The chancellor decided it was time for new leadership in the Treasury, and so I’m leaving with instant effectthe scientist said.

Although this is not unusual for new prime ministers and chancellors want to change their senior officials, they usually wait several months before calling changes.

Within 30-year a career in public service, including six years in highest position in the treasury – worked as a scientist on projects like independence of bank of England and David Cameron’s revision with EU.

He also helped deal with the consequences. of 2008 financial crisis and supported former Chancellor Rishi Sunak in Covid emergency development support schemes on start of pandemic in 2020 including layoff scheme.

He was also known internally as a competent and well-loved administrator who helped ensure Treasury was in trade position with Another big economic shocks, including Brexit and the energy crisis.

Lord Nick MacPherson, the scientist’s predecessor as Permanent Secretary of the Treasury, said the Treasury “has always been a variety of views with a little of the most unusual interventions of last years – in 2008 and 2020 are heavily influenced by Tom Scholar.”

McPherson said the Treasury is always in service of growth and said that if there was Orthodoxy in in building it reflected the importance of competitive markets, low barriers to trade and conservation cost of government borrowing down.

“Maybe [the Treasury] has an old fashioned view that a stable macroeconomic framework combined with stability one of background for growth” MacPherson said.

He added what danger of The dismissal of respected figures such as Scientist was that it would “promote orthodoxy, not undermine it, but it would be orthodoxy”. of man yes.

Sajid Javid, former Chancellor, tweeted his gratitude to the Scientist for his “excellent work through government for 30 years.”

George Osborne, another former The Conservative Chancellor said on a Global News Agents podcast this month: All these conversations of war on the civil service is pathetic from the tories party and this is a mismatch of government policy and not civil servants that failed”.

The Cabinet of Ministers stated: “The impartiality one of fundamental values of Civil Service Code.

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