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Liz Truss Environment Agency budget cuts as a result in ‘doubling wastewater discharge’, Labor claims | Politics News

Liz Truss was accused of presiding over budget EPA cutbacks that led to in “double discharge of sewage”.

Analysis of the Labor Party of official numbers shows that since 2016, when hopes for the leadership of the conservatives were in accusation of Defra – discharge of raw sewage more doubled from 14.7 for overflow in 2016 to 29.3 in 2021.

It matched with her cutting £80 million of sewer monitors as part of Tory for £235 million to the Environmental Protection Agency (EA) budget, which she called “effective savings”.

As environment minister, Ms Truss justified the cuts by saying “there are ways we can save as a department”, citing better use of technology and interdepartmental work.

However, the shadow environment secretary Jim McMahon said: “Under Tory country facing a crisis in our water supply. Our water infrastructure is on the verge of breaking, with billions of liters of water is wasted every day and raw sewage is dumped into our waters.

” fact that Liz Truss was one cut the adviser so much, not only demonstrates her absence of foresight but also her absence of care for detail, in recognizing need adjust to the severe flooding that just happened on her watch.

“Labor will turn to challenges in our water supply system by increasing regulation and ensuring that bosses of water companies are held accountable by law and financially for their negligence.”

BUT senior consultant for The Environmental Protection Agency told the Guardian of the cuts: “They have plummeted to the point where it was impossible for Environmental Protection Agency know what’s happening on.

“They didn’t have meaningful control or monitoring capabilities.

“They gave up control of monitoring of water companies, which ended up opportunity to mark your own homework. They take their own samples and evaluate if they meet the requirements.”

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Labor analysis is in the tens of pollution warnings have been issued for beaches and swimming areas in England and Wales after heavy rain overflowed sewers system.

Monday number 10 said it was duty of firms put customers ahead of shareholders, with press secretary, saying, “We were clear what failure of water companies properly reduce waste water discharge is completely unacceptable.

“They have duty put our customers in front of shareholders and we expect them to take urgent action on this is issue or face fines.”

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