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Liz Truss called for patients should be blamed for seeing them gp

Liz Truss called for patients will be charged with visiting their GP, according to a document she wrote in 2009.

In a 44-page document co-authored by her in 2009 when Ms Truss was Deputy director of Think tank reform, she also called for cut doctors’ salaries down by 10 percent.

The document entitled “Back to Black” was written when Labor in power.

Talk TV Newsroom‘ reported on Thursday when the Tory leader also wanted abolish the universal child benefit, the document says. She is wanted much reduce government expenses.

Reform in 2008 argued that “the economic situation was much worse than government would admit,” and the report is written six the authors, including Ms Truss, have argued that economy was “weighed down excessive debt”. research showed that public finances were terrible and the Treasury’s forecasts were unrealistic.”

His recommendations for cutting £28 billion in one year included the introduction of a fee for visiting a general practitioner, cutting payment of hospital “registrators, consultants, general practitioners and managers” by 10 percent and waiving “pension gimmicks like winter fuel allowance”.

According to the document, the authors suggest that “user fees should introduce yourself there should rely more on other healthcare professionals… for treatment of less serious diseases.

it adds: “Reduce payment of doctors and NHS managers by 10 percent.” And that “abolish universal child benefit. Instead of child support should be targeted on families on low incomes.

representative for Ms. Truss said that “co-authoring a paper does not mean that someone supports every proposal put forward by forward. Liz is focused on her bold economic plan to increase growth, cut taxes and put money back into industrious people’s pockets”.

AT factiNews Paul Waugh reported on back to black newspaper in January this year. The 44-page document warns that “Great Britain has raised a triffid.” of public expenses that cannot be controlled just pruning off a little outer leaves”.

Document also proposed curtailing “irrelevant defense projects” such as the planned new aircraft carriers and jet “Typhoon” and the introduction market rates for interest on student loans.

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