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Liz Truss blames Rishi Sunak of be soft on Russia and China

“He’s incredibly hard on in need do sure any economic relationship with China does not endanger national security, and view it’s there should don’t compromise on economic reasons, when the values ​​that we share not accompanied by others countries”.

Bob Stewart MP, who supports Mr. Sunak and is a retired army colonel who has a degree in international politics said: “He’s not one for in big exhibit like sits on top of tank, but I don’t think for one the moment when he in Any way weak on China or Russia.

“Lise Truss is the Foreign Secretary, which means she has a different job than anyone else. who is chancellor. It is far more it’s harder to be chancellor than foreign minister, especially at this time.

“If Rishi becomes a leader, and I very much hope that this will happen, he will be far away more balanced and concentrated on foreign affairs than he could be chancellor. He is a very smart person and logic and its analysis of the situation will put him in strong position.

Analysis: Rishi Sunak should now show he can stand up to the UK enemies

Rishi Sunak remains associated with economic policy he pursued as chancellor, but the subject of foreign affairs gives him chance to show what prime minister Sunak will not be the same person as Chancellor Sunak.

Foreign policy convenient land for Liz Truss. After all, she is the current foreign minister and is undeniably aggressive when it comes to Russia and China. play Well with Members of the Conservative Party in permanent leadership race.

To overtake a woman who loves to be next prime minister Mr. Sunak should, among other things, show Tory members he’s willing to be tougher what he was in in past when it comes to standing up our enemies.

His supporters claim that when he was Chancellor, he had duty Exactly out economic risks of bold foreign policy, in order for prime minister to be able to come to an informed decision on issues such as sanctions.

But how prime minister Mr. Sunak will be released from the shackles of The Treasury warns, and the same supporters are sure that he show the courage it takes when it comes to a deal with foreign aggressors.


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