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Living robots are among us and are already capable of spontaneous reproduction

As already reported by Computerworld, Xenobots were reported in a report last year that self-reproducing technology could replace degradable materials such as concrete, steel and plastic. Then, in March, it became clear that the organisms had been further developed to be able to remember their environment and organize themselves into a single swarm.

Joshua Bongard, co-author of the new report, argued that “with proper design” organisms “spontaneously reproduce” and suggested that the technology could be used to combat future epidemics and speed up vaccine production.

Sam Kriegman, the other lead author of the study, described the process as a completely new form of self-reproduction, noting that “no animal or plant known to science reproduces in this way”.

Xenobots were conditioned for reproduction by a supercomputer that invented them after “months” of labor. the appropriate form of ideal “parents,” the researcher noted. Although the design, which bears some resemblance to Pac-Man, seemed counterintuitive and too “simple,” it proved to be extremely productive. , forming “great – grandchildren”, who in turn created “great – great – grandchildren”, (Kriegman) said. ) “If we can learn from xenobots to develop technologies that can quickly tell artificial intelligence, for example, if we need a biological device that does X and Y and suppresses Z, which can be very useful,” Bongard explained.

Although Bongard has insisted that the benefits of the alleged breakthrough technology outweigh the risks, several reports have raised ethical concerns about the Xenobot technology. It has even been suggested that they could be turned into military bioweapons and assassination devices.

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