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Liliya Valyutyte: male, 22 years old, accused with killing nine-year-old in suspicion of stabbing

A 22-yearthe old man was charged with in murder of nine-year-Old Lily Currency.

Deividas Skébas was arrested and subsequently charged after a request from Lincolnshire Police to find the man. in connection with Incident.

Mr. Skebas, a Lithuanian national, is to appear before Lincoln Magistrates’ Court. on Monday 1 August.

Lily, also Lithuanian national was killed in suspicion of stabbing in Fountain Lane, Boston, around 6:20 p.m. on Thursday.

After combination of intelligence and information provided by members of in publicarmed officers made en arrest in central park area of Boston around 2:45 p.m. on Lincolnshire Police reported Saturday.

Nine-year- the old one was reported to have been playing with her younger sister on in street just meters from office where are they mother worked. The girls had a hula hoop and a toy stroller. left on site, according to local residents.

Medical examiner near the scene of stabbing in Boston


resident of area said Telegraph that Lily was playing with toys in in street with her younger sister when the incident took place.

“I sure her mom wouldn’t be far away since she always checked on them. She was a very quiet girl and I just I can’t understand it,” the resident said.

Donna Burton, 57, hairdresser. who works in a saloon overlooking the stage of incident, saw Lily playing hide and seek with her little sister at 5:50 pm on Thursday, about 30 minutes before she was killed.

She said Time: “They were just playing, one was hiding playing hide and seek the older one and she popped out, with a little one looking for for her and they were just really happy. It’s really sad.”

Nine-year-old Marco Joseph was in is in the same class as Lilia and told Sky News she was “always enthusiastic and always happy.”

He said she always cared about others people. marco fatheralin said young lilies death was “terrible”.

Floral tributes left next to the stage of in killing in Boston, Lincolnshire


Chief Superintendent Martin Parker said: “This is a heartbreaking case that has affected many people in Boston and beyond. Our thoughts go on with lilies family during this extremely difficult time.

“The response to such a devastating incident required the allocation of significant resources to investigate and engage with people in Boston who understandably shocked by Lilia death.

“Our officers were in city, referring to public and listen to their concerns. We will continue to maintain a significant presence over coming days.

Nine-yearIt is reported that the old Lily Currency was playing outside when she was attacked


“At last I like express your gratitude once again to public and media, who provided help in complex and fast-moving case. Your support highly regarded by our officers and staff.”

Jurate Matulonen, family friend and chair of The Lithuanian community of Boston said: “Lilia was a beautiful angel, she was quite quiet and loved to dance.

” family came to everyone of our community events and they always stayed up late help clear up. I talked to my mom and asked for her account details because we want hold a fundraiser, but she didn’t agree.”

Dozens of flowers and other gifts were left in corner of Fountain Alley and Fountain Square in memory of schoolgirl while others gather at the local church to light candles.

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