Like governments and cult of net zero destroyed the energy market

Ten years ago I flew to Texas on a field trip. of the most productive gas field in the United States. Anglo-Australian mining giant BHP Billiton spends $20bn to buy stake of the Eagle Ford Shale and tried to convince investors via in the media what was it good idea.

BHP CEO Mike Yeager, a noble Texan with a walrus mustache, hosted us on flight over forests and meadows of Eagle Ford in helicopter, took us see production wells, and introduced us officials in county (population 20,000), which brought in $71 million. in gas tax revenue. BHP will spend another $20 billion to develop the field before eventually selling it to BP for just 10 billion dollars. He bought upstairs.

This investment roller coaster has been on my mind because it was last time seriously new money invested in oil and gas development. Since then, investment has fallen by 60 percent. Stock with him of proven “reserves” – fossil fuels found and viable for production – dropped more than 50 percent.

Now comes the payback. with Russia cutting deliveries, prices skyrocket. From January last year, US gas prices have almost tripled. European gas up seven times. The bills follow suit. Approximately because of Insert. But reason we are so subject to whims of the bloody dictator is underinvested.

Why has there been such a dramatic underfunding and why are manufacturers hesitant when they usually respond to skyrocketing prices by pushing up production and investment? Well, after the shale write-offs, governments and pesky corporate governance bodies are not just leave the losers to lick their wounds. They set campaign to shut down permanent investment in blood of in global economy – energy – in title of saving the planet. What are we now facing effects of these decisions.

The errors span governments, continents, and decades. They are going to cause untold difficulties for millions. They don’t threaten just our economy and health but longevity of Western Union. The funny thing is that they risk manufacturing semi-constant role of emergency coal back-up when is it the dirtiest fuel of shopping center.

original error did not have with in science of changing of the climate. Did not have with idea that we should phase out coal. But around 2014-2016, regulators, lawyers and politicians started run with the idea that garbage of “big oil” (etc. on) under the guidance of students in Military hats with feathers were free, popular and green.

This was followed by a coordinated effort to run down fossil fuel extraction seemingly without thought for completely different environmental impacts of gas versus coal or need for Western economies and people to enjoy reliable supply of energy. In 2015, the then bank of Governor of England Mark Carney (yes, he again) made a speech up in risk of climate assets” are energy investments that would be discounted by climate change legislation.

The EU has excluded gas and nuclear energy from its list of “green” technologies having a right for “sustainable” grants, investments and like. The UN has released guidelines for ethical investing, new money into fossil fuels. Theresa May rammed net zero through parliament without verification of in cost and slapped”price lid” on utilities that soon after they began to go bankrupt by the dozens. Last year Rishi Sunak added “supporting in net zero transition” to the mandate of the Bank. And more production we shut down, more virtuous we felt.

It was not just in Europe. US officials also took up mantle. States passed net zero the laws that like ours, did not have concomitant power generation strategy. Bureaucrats from California to New York began to require insurers and oil companies to report for investment in fossil fuels or the answer in Courts for “climate scam”. The Keystone XL oil pipeline was closed. Investors taken over righteous and economically illiterate “environmental, social and management experts”, pressured oil companies to stop investing and banks to stop funding them, and then went on marketing binge to sell expensive “ethical” investment products.

Industry saw writing on in wall. Utilities shut down their long-term gas contracting agencies and started buy gas on the go price on day, fatally undermining the security of supply and manufacture new investments are not funded. Fossil fuel producers began to surrender money back investors. Even government producers like Qatar, cut investment on on the grounds that Europe (including the UK) has become an unreliable client. in first half of this year, even when Russia began to turn the screws, the seven largest oil companies in the West spent more on dividends and share ransoms than on investment. They just did what they were told.

And now? Well, now, howbig oil” can say: “We just walked in find you here with this sad look at you face”. Europe needs gas. it’s begging for gas. Instead of of flying media for gas fields, for court capital, for oil and gas men fly to the capitals of Europe and begged to invest. Despite the incredible prices, they fluctuate.

The meeting is underway like this is us need you!” say the politicians. Manufacturers are scratching their heads thinking about $20 billion, 20-year investment, and wonder if when the war over and the green band is rolling back to the city, politicians are still sound so cute on them. “Your green goals still say we need to shut down by 2030,” they point out. out. Which Europe says: “Well, of well. Fossil fuels are evil!”

The upshot is that market broken and it’s governments and benefactors who broke it. They violated it senselessly, recklessly, advertising their holy intentionsand now we’re all reaping the consequences. The only one way resurrect it with more government intervention.

One diagram drawn out Lambert Energy Advisory will see EU and UK jointly coordinate utilities to offer 15-year contracts for enough gas to replace Russian supplies, using dynamic pricing mechanism (that is, we do not explicitly block in 2022 prices for 15 years). Manufacturers who contracts can be executed from anywhere except hostile states. Do it right and just watch the investment taps open and then the gas taps. on in full flow again. And given the lower emissions of gas versus coal, the planet shouldn’t even suffer.

The alternative is that we continue with a policy of self-sabotage on really industrial scale. Politicians can chat about windfall taxes and price freezes them all want. If they don’t repair market, it does not matter. meanwhile demolition ball of A self-created gas crisis rages across Europe. Will it of are our leaders acting to stop this?


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