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Lightnite, a Battle Royale game to earn bitcoin and NFT, now available to download

Lightnite, an online multiplayer game set in Fortnite, announced the launch of an early access to the game, which will allow players to begin to familiarize themselves with this new Battle Royale (battle royale video games), which will offer rewards in bitcoin ( BTC) and non-fungible token (NFT).

The announcement of early access to the game was published on the official Lightnite blog this 17 of September. Along with this, it was also announced what the mission system would be like that will allow players to earn BTC and NFT in the games, this once the game is launched, planned for November 21 .

The game, meanwhile, can now be downloaded from the Launcher Elixir, owned by Satoshi Games, also a developer of Lightnite. It has a cost of USD 20 that can be paid in BTC. The game is also listed on Steam, although it will be available from 11/21 .

The game closely resembles Fortnite. Source: Lightnite.

For its part, the game mode is oriented to the category shooter or first person shooting. There, a group of players compete to see who is last standing and claim the reward in BTC . This type of games within the world gaming is known as Battle Royale. Of them, there are already great exponents such as Fortnite or Warzone, which have millions of daily players.

Regarding rewards, payments are made through the Lightning network of Bitcoin. The game considers each of the items as NFT, be it skins , weapon camouflage, among others. But in this case they are NFTs built directly on top of Bitcoin.

According to the proposed mission schedule, players will be able to obtain rewards of up to 0.0001 BTC, distributed among the winning team. This added to the fact that, depending on the game mode, the winners will obtain NFT as prizes, whose value may vary according to its rarity .

Some players have already started to stream the game. Source: Twitter / @ Lightnitegame.

Play2Earn games in Bitcoin do not want to be left behind

The concept of Play2Earn , or play and win, it is something quite new, but games that generate BTC are not. SaruTobi, for example, of which CriptoNoticias reported its recent launch in the Android and iOS application stores, has been available on Android (in apk version) since 2016, allowing users to generate small amounts of BTC.

However, it has been Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain that have popularized this concept with games like Axie Infinity and Plants vs Undead.

While these games attract many users, P2E games have been around for a long time. Platforms such as Zeebede, are developing tools that allow traditional games, without P2E, to profit in cryptocurrencies. This through a modification that would not change the original game, but that will allow BTC to be generated while playing with payments through the Lightning network.

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