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Libya… Parliamentary bloc calls for an emergency session to “save the elections”

In a development added to the above developments and criticism of the electoral process in Libya, 72 parliamentarians called for an emergency session to be held tomorrow, Monday, “to save the ongoing electoral process from suspicions of fraud, foreign interference and bypassing the law, and attempts to influence judicial decisions,” according to their expression.

The deputies said in a statement today, Sunday, that they are “following the negative developments of the electoral process, the failure to implement the law and circumventing it by the judicial institution and the High Electoral Commission, and silence on suspicions of fraud and influence on the judiciary through intimidation and temptation.”

Accountability and Warning

They also stressed the necessity of the presence of the head of the High Electoral Commission and representatives of the security and judicial institutions supervising the electoral process for this session and their being held accountable. They warned against announcing the final list of candidates before the accountability session ends, so that Parliament can assess the situation and study ways to salvage the electoral process and ensure that it is conducted on time and in an appropriate security and political environment in accordance with the issued legislation.

Libya… Parliamentary bloc calls for an emergency session to “save the elections”

Statement of the objecting Libyan Representatives

In addition, they confirmed that they would not accept to yield to external pressures, which they described as “suspicious,” or to be “false witnesses to a party of fraud, vote buying, and insulting the judicial institution,” as they described them. , stressing their support for holding “legal, free, fair and credible elections” or laying down a new road map in accordance with the Constitutional Declaration and its eleven amendments. (This situation comes while the road to the polls is still fraught with dangers in Libya, less than 3 weeks before the date of the elections (scheduled for December 24).

Political and security tension also increases and legal disputes between The camps competed over the eligibility of the candidates, which made many skeptical about the possibility of holding them on this date.

سيدة تتأكد من ورود اسمها لاستلام بطاقتها الانتخابية في أحد المراكز في طرابلس في نوفمبر الماضي
A woman makes sure that her name is given

While receiving scenes from the south of the country, where armed men attacked the Sebha court They prevented the judges from considering the appeal submitted by Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, as well as from the west, where armed militias attacked polling centers, and from the east, where a parliamentary bloc opposes accepting the candidacy of personalities who do not comply with the terms of the electoral law, highlighting the “thorns field” in which the process is proceeding.

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