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LHC accepts plea for early hearing of petition against PTI defectors

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) held on Tuesday plea seek a speedy hearing of an appeal petition for disqualification of Defectors from PTI.

Judge Shujaat Ali Khan, while listening to the various statements made by Sibtein Khan and other PTI leaders, set May 13 as hearing date of petition.

PTI leaders petitioned the Supreme Court issue directives for election Committee of Pakistan (ECP) to decide on reference to disqualification of 26 PTI defectors for life at best.

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They stated that the Speaker of the Punjab Assembly had submitted a petition to the ECP, but it had not resolved the issue yet.

The applicants were of in view what was the matter of great importance and implored with LHC to manage election observation body solve the problem how soon as possible.

Speaker of the Punjab Assembly Pervez Elahi last month sent link against 26 dissident MPAs of PTI to the Electoral Commission demanding a lifetime ban for violation party discipline.



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