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Lewis Hamilton: his ex-girlfriends gallery

Ex-girlfriends, relationships or even some companies that the “pink” press attributed to the pilot as being “serious” cases

He is already one of the best pilots ever in the Formula 1. The British driver won his first Formula 1 world championship in 2008 and, until 2020, he won seven times, which attests well to his quality.

To 36 years old Hamilton is also known for his interventionist character, not shying away from defending causes and expressing opinions, even with demonstrations on the podium in support of these same causes.


But in addition to being an extraordinary driver, Lewis Hamilton also has a social life very active and it is common to see him associated with various beauties, either in his spare time or even in the paddock, where he often sees some companies.

The longest known relationship was with former Pussycat Doll, American Got Tallent presenter Nicole Scherzinger in 200 7 and 2015.

After this relationship, several models, singers, actresses and other celebrities have been associated with the pilot, but they are rarely confirmed.

See in the attached gallery some of the ex-girlfriends, relationships or even some that the “pink” press attributed to the pilot as an achievement, but, we repeat, they were never confirmed.


The truth is that the veteran pilot rarely appears only at an event or on vacation and, therefore, is always a reason for speculation.

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