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let 12 months pass’: Prashant Kishore’s refutation point by point for Nitish Kumar | India latest news

It’s Prashant Kishore vs Nitish Kumar again and one A sharp note every time. survey strategist on On Thursday, he delivered a strong rebuttal after the Bihar state chief minister He said: Is it? know ABC of What happened since 2005? Nitish Kumar’s comments – during his visit to Delhi – were in Reply to him former party Criticize the colleague of the state government.

‘Let 12 months pass…then we ask”who knows ABC and who know xyz’? Kishore – who parcel of dinars (U) in 2020 – said while under pressure.

earlier in today, and ace The election strategist tweeted and then deleted a post with photos for Nitish Kumar with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Kumar cut ties with BJP last Month in Bihar when returning to the Grand Alliance or Mahagathbandan. swear oath in as head of state minister for Eight in spite of him party She doesn’t have an impressive number of legislators in the gathering.

Kishore Tweet – Deleted in Less than an hour later posted – It was seen as a response to the JD (U) party leader’s comments made by a political pollster strategist for Several recent huge wins in the polls, may have been making comments against His judgment because “maybe he wants to help BJP.” That’s why Kishore said: “So last month, was with Bharatiya Janata Party. you arrive on your promise of Give 10 lakh jobs and we will agree. God is above you and you on earth. “

“We may not be know ABC… you know everything. You can tell NITI Aayog… people of State all that has been done. about 13 crores people live in the country and of These, approximately Rs 8 crore people no earn until R100 per day. Why don’t you tell them when they will? earnings a plus?”

Since his return to the grand alliance, Nitish Kumar is seen as a powerful unifying agent as the opposition band together. of 2024 Surveys.

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