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Leicestershire company fined £2m and co-owners jailed after yard workers are drowning in tanker full of feed for pigs | UK news

Co-owners of A food waste recycling company has been jailed and fined £2m after two employees drowned. in tank truck full of semiliquid feed for pigs.

Nathan Walker, 19, died after climbing into a tanker and getting into trouble at Greenfeeds Ltd. in Normanton, Leicestershire, on December 22, 2016 – 15 days before first child, and son was born.

Guy yard worker Gavin Rawson, 35, died after a daring jump in save a teenager’with no thought for his own safety’, Leicester Crown Court heard.

Co-owner Jillian Lavers, 60, was jailed for 13 years old while she husband Jan Lavers, 59, got 20 months behind bars.

Jillian Lavers showed ‘blatant disregard’ for height risk of death” bye in accusation of company employees who did not have a safe method of I work, without training, without risk ratings and no cleaning records of inside of his tankers.

The workers raised concerns about potential hazards, but they were ignored.

A company that produced biofuel and pig feed from recycled materials but now in liquidation – was convicted of corporate manslaughter after six- a week of trial in court.

Gillian Lavers from Newark, Northamptonshire was also found guilty of individual health and safety violation and prohibition to form a company director for 15 years at the time of sentencing on Thursday.

“It was obvious that yard The staff hated cleaning tankers inside the company.

In sentencing, Judge Frazier told her, “Your negligent behavior has continued and repeated. over a long period of time.

“It was obvious that yard employees hated cleaning tankers inside, and made claims against you in this regard, including a request for a non-provided breathing apparatus.

“You just ignored these questions. You have shown blatant disregard for very tall risk of death as a result of your negligent behavior. I also of in view that your behavior was motivated by what you avoided cost of proper safety measures.”

Both men were pulled out of the tanker after holes were cut with a saw in side, but they died on the spot of tragedy.

BUT post- autopsy showed they died after drowning in animal feed, overcoming poisonous fumes and lack of of oxygen.

The tanker truck that killed Nathan Walker and Gavin Rawson.

‘Bold decision cost Gavin his life’

Welcoming Mr. Rawson’s courage, the judge said: “He must have seen Nathan from the top hatch, and with no thought for his own safety bravely entered the tanker in orders to rescue him.

“This courageous decision cost Gavin his life. He suffered the same fate as Nathan, almost immediately: he was exposed to the gas and lost consciousness.

“The method that has been adopted at Greenfeeds for years, which senior management knew and indeed ok, it was easy climb in, clear the tanker; take risks, judge added.

Ian Lavers was found guilty of violation of the Health and Safety at Work Act as director of LLC Greenfeeds.

Transport manager Stuart Brown, 69, from Mansfield, was sentenced to year in suspended for two years, for failure to exercise reasonable care for health and safety of other.

Nathan is ‘so excited to be a father’

Native of Mr Walker described him as “loving and gentle” as well as “family oriented” and “terrific big brother.

“Nathan was so excited to be a father. He should were here to see him son Was born. He should be here with his son now, “his family said in statement.

“Shock, horror and grief of hearing that our son was killed will remain with us for rest of our lives. The pain we feel in our hearts are still completely unbearable. Life will never be the same for us.”

“He was our hero”

Meanwhile Mr Rawson family paid tribute to your “beloved” son, brother and uncle.”

“Though it breaks our hearts, we are so proud of Gavin and what he did that day,” they said.

“He did what he always did and went to help somebody in need despite danger to him.

“He was our hero and we will always remember him that way. way.

“We just wish we could hug him, hug him and tell him that he is our hero. It’s completely destructive to all of our family that we will never be able to do it.”

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