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Legalize it: Amazon is lobbying for the legalization of marijuana in the US

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Amazon is lobbying for the legalization of cannabis in the USA in the future. The US stance on cannabis is no longer up to date.

In June of this year, Amazon announced that employees within its own drug screening Program to stop testing for marijuana. People whose employment had already been terminated due to proven marijuana use or who had not been given a job as a result received a new job offer. Now the group is going one step further.

Amazon wants to campaign for the legalization of cannabis in the USA

As Amazon explains in its own blog, the company wants to lobby for this in the future that cannabis and the use of marijuana be legalized throughout the federal territory of the United States. Specifically, the commitment should relate to the “Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2021” and the “Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act”. Both initiatives advocate the legalization and taxation of cannabis.

The US stance on cannabis is no longer up to date, explains Amazon. Tests of marijuana use before hiring are more likely than average to affect members of non-white communities and thus contribute to their disadvantage and economic weakness. Because one is striving to become “the best employer in the world”, something like this is unacceptable. In addition, the circle of potential employees can be significantly enlarged again. About 950,000 people currently work at Amazon in the USA.

Legalization or controlled access to marijuana in individual US states such as California, Alaska, Oregon or Nevada also makes it difficult to proceed in a nationally standardized manner in drug screening, Amazon continues.

Legalization of cannabis is also an issue in Europe

In Europe, too, calls for a decriminalization of the cannabis con are increasing in many countries sums. This goes hand in hand with numerous startups that offer cannabidiol-containing products and want to get the hemp plant out of the crazy stoner corner and move it into the center of an entire branch of industry.

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