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legal team asks for ‘special master” to review the Mar-a-Lago evidence and determine if there are any should be returned

Trump asks for a special host – third -party solicitor – supervise review of evidence gathered from the beach club in in criminal probe, and for referee pause federal investigators work associated with evidence until review done according to new filing a lawsuit.

new lawsuit notes first Trump’s legal filing team after the FBI agents took out their search on August 8 and underscores how its legal team struggled to unite around the only strategy. It was assigned to Judge Eileen Cannon, who was nominated for bench from Trump in 2020.

In the lawsuit, Trump claims that his constitutional rights have been violated and that he may materials captured.

Although the legal maneuver may slow down down The Department of Justice continues criminal investigation, Trump’s request to federal court in South Florida may face difficult legal battle after it team missed many opportunities challenge Search.

Former president’s lawyers declined to take a position in court in direct aftermath of execution of a search warrant. They are also didn’t weigh in on whether a search warrant affidavit should to be made public before or during the court session last a week in West Palm Beach, Florida though one of his lawyers were present.

trump, in in new innings, also asks for a more detailed receipt of What happened removed from Mar-a-Lago. This request, if granted, add to two FBI receipts already gave Trump team description 33 items confiscated, and which his lawyer signed off on in the end of Search.

Ministry of Justice removed 11 sets of Trump’s secret documents homeaccording to documents opened by the judge last a week. Inventory shows It is something of in materials refurbished were marked as “top secret/SCI” that one of in highest levels of classification.

Trump team gives it version of searches in Mar-a-Lago

Trump’s lawyers said in a statement forward in former President’s story for how the search went down, events leading up to it and its consequences.

lawsuit also retold the message for Attorney General Merrick Garland, whom Trump’s lawyers handed over to the top Justice Department official over telephone on August 11, a few days after the search.

“President Trump wants the Attorney General know what he heard from people all over country about the raid,” Trump said in a tweet, according to the lawsuit. “If one the word to describe their mood is “angry”. heat is building up. Pressure building up. All I can do is take heat down to apply pressure down, just let us know.”

The documentation states that at 9:10 AM ET on day of search, then the highest ministry of justice official — Jay Bratt, head of counterintelligence department in department of justice national safety division — called Trump’s lawyers to inform them that a search warrant was being executed in Mar-a-Lago.

“A heated discussion ensued about why the government did not voluntarily request further inspection of the premises, given the extensive assistance that President Trump had provided at the time,” the lawsuit says.

According to Trump, the search took nine hours and involved two dozen FBI agents.

The lawsuit mentions Brett’s request that Mar-a-Lago security cameras be turned on. off — the request, which, as stated in the application, was declined. Bratt also asked for names of trump lawyers who may have come looking. new The lawsuit alleges that Brett denied Trump’s request. team to provide them with an affidavit.

“Among other actions taken after notification of this is unprecedented event, counsel for President Trump Contacted Three Lawyers in in general area who agreed to go to Mar-a-Lago, the lawsuit says. – Upon arrival, they requested ability enter the mansion in to watch the actions of the FBI agents that the government declined allow.”

this is a violation story and will be updated.

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