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Legal limbo for EU children and wives of the Caliphate

As the coronavirus pandemic injures Europe, it is challenging to get ready for what is to come.

The post- COVID-19 age may see the upswing of forgotten ghosts that Europe believed it had actually put behind. Multiplying in the shadows, recidivist security risks have actually discovered fertile premises in the mayhem stimulated by the pandemic.

  • Women and children connected to the Islamic State have actually been frequently stigmatised and fingered with worry and circumspection by lots of (Image: Denis Bocquet).

Considering That the start of 2019, when the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released the north-western areas of Syria from the last pockets of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Al-Hol, al-Roj, and Ain Issa have actually ended up being the 3 biggest refugee camps in the hands of the SDF where the IS ex-combatants and their households streamed.

Quotes report that more than 13,000 foreign women and children are kept in these camps.

Lots Of EU people who as soon as have actually left their home to sign up with the ranks of the Islamic State are counted amongst the detainees.

They and their children, whether born in Europe or the Islamic State, are now forever apprehended in the camps.

With the death of lots of foreign terrorist fighters throughout the dispute, the concern about what to do with the ‘wives and children of the caliphate’ pounds in the ears of the lots of European countries included.

With tuberculosis currently wrecking these makeshift jails, the absence of food, tidy water, medications, and the failure to practice social distancing have actually made these camps perfect hotbeds for the infection to sprawl.

Regardless Of death being a typical event in these locations, the past months have actually seen the panic spreading out with every brand-new casualty, enhancing the existing threat of unrestrained riots and gets away.

With the Turkish soldiers’ attack in October 2019, the accumulation of the military operation in northern Syria has actually led the SDF to lose control over the camps: just a few months back, on March 29 th, a detainees’ uprising in the SDF-run Ghouiran jail in the city of Hassakeh may have led to the escape of some ISIL members.

A juridical deadlock

As the SDF has actually consistently declared its insufficiency to handle the camps in addition to to prosecute the detainees, the international neighborhood is advised tointervene


An essential that remembers the duty of the detainees’ states of citizenship has actually been commonly conjured up. Just a handful of them have actually been repatriated.

The policy line of European countries towards the matter has actually been fragmented and irregular: while countries such as France and Germany have actually repatriated a couple of orphans, the UK and Denmark have actually declined to offer consular support and even removed their nationals of their citizenships.

Europe’s hesitation to acknowledge its duties uses a grey location of the international law: a juridical deadlock from which the European women and children apprehended in northern Syria’s camps have a hard time to get away.

The absence of direct legal impositions on states versus international law has actually enabled EU member specifies to stall; as they rest on their hands, the humanitarian crisis in the SDF-controlled camps intensifies.

Stateless children

In contradiction with a number of international and domestic requirements, many of the detainees have actually not been founded guilty nor being attempted; as such, their long-lasting detention does not hold legal premises.

What is more, the squalid hygienic and living conditions are making certain that many of the kid detainees pass away from poor nutrition and illness.

Lots Of children who were born in the self-proclaimed Islamic State utilized to hold IS birth certificates that are no longer legitimate.

Regardless of their natural right to claim for their moms and dads’ European citizenship, these children stay stateless as European countries rely on the otherside


For these children, the threat of being abducted, hired, or exposed to the IS propaganda is perilously close.

Life in the camps might be pushing away: the disappointment towards a world of deprivations and unsafety in which they have actually been deserted may irritate the just narrative these children were informed. The threat of their radicalisation is more real now than it has actually never ever remained in thepast


Regardless Of the lack of clear responsibilities on states, international treaties and human rights requirements factor in favour of repatriation, recommending the presence of favorable responsibilities on states even in cases of extraterritorial jurisdiction.

As states of citizenship, European countries ought to be guarantors of their people’ rights, stepping in, inter alia, in case of abuse and ill-treatment. Children, especially, are secured by a number of structures – consisting of the Convention on the Rights of the Kid – troubling states the important to fix up children affected by armed disputes.

To repatriate children and women from northern Syria is a human rights and security important that can not be avoided.

Yet, women and children connected to the Islamic State have actually been frequently stigmatised and fingered with worry and circumspection by lots of. The nature of their role within the caliphate has actually been long disputed, questioning the gravity of their fault and what specifies active and passive participation.

A Manichean view would tend to imagine them as either blameless victims or irredeemable bad guys.

One or the other, it is perhaps detrimental to minimize these women and children to a cliché.

To much better face the difficulties of their reintegration in the society, it is maybe much better to accept them for who they are: complicated people.

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