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Leader of bitcoin scam from Brazil and Venezuela operates from the United States

A company in Brazil, called GAS Consultoría, was accused of defrauding its clients with bitcoin (BTC) and its co-founder fled the country and has continued to operate in the United States. The scam guaranteed its victims 10% monthly profit with the purchase of this cryptocurrency, as an investment plan. It was a promise that later they did not fulfill.

The company, which was based in Rio de Janeiro, was run by a couple. One of them was Glaidson Acácio Dos Santos, known as “the bitcoin pharaoh”, who was arrested last August after the accusation. The other person in charge was his wife Mirelis Yoseline Dias Zerpa, who moved to Miami two months before her husband’s arrest.

The Brazilian Federal Police reported that Mirelis, who is currently in Miami, has been leading the company from there. It warns that days after Glaidson’s arrest, she withdrew more than 4,000 bitcoins , a figure that is equivalent to USD 229 million, according to the CriptoNoticias price calculator.

Mirelis Yoseline Días Zerpa y Glaidson Acácio Dos Santos estafadores bitcoin
Mirelis Yoseline Días Zerpa and Glaidson Acácio Dos Santos were the leaders of the scam with bitcoin called “Operation Cryptos” Source: @VeritasetfidePF / twitter.com

For the moment, she cannot be detained outside of Brazil. Although, it is worth clarifying that, the Federal Police has included his name in the red transmission of Interpol as banned for carrying out a millionaire fraud with bitcoin.

As CriptoNoticias reported a few months ago, the Federal Police seized USD 3.9 million and 591 bitcoins from this fraudulent activity, within the framework of a plan that it called « Operation Cryptos ». The sum in bitcoin seized is equivalent to USD 33 million, according to the CriptoNoticias calculator. Although it is estimated that they have much more, according to what the GLOBO media found.

Researchers estimate that GAS Consulting mobilized around USD 384 million since its creation of the company in 2015. The investigation began in April 2020 when the Federal Police discovered and seized USD 1.3 million in unrecorded cash. This sum was to be transported by helicopter from Buzios to Sao Paulo.

In the complaint, the couple of leaders of the bitcoin scam and fifteen other people are accused of acting as partners in the criminal plan. They are accused of forming a criminal organization and committing crimes against the national financial system. The case was accepted by the Federal Court in Brazil. Since then, five people have been arrested.

There is evidence that the scam with bitcoin was also carried out In Venezuela

According to HolaNews, the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) presented evidence of that the couple also carried out the bitcoin scam in Venezuela before moving to Brazil. Until 2015, the couple lived in the country of origin of Mirelis, who is Venezuelan. In fact, that was where they met while Glaidson worked as a waiter and pastor of the Universal Church.

The evidence of fraud in Venezuela is a series of emails, WhatsApp messages and publications on networks social networks such as Twitter and the Reddit forum. These digital documents are from alleged victims who fell into their trap, which worked online, and thus lost their money.

In such evidence it was exposed that the victims have been asking for their return money and warning other people that Mirelis and Glaidson were scamming bitcoin. Their names even appear on a list of scammers in Venezuela on a website created by people who suffered different types of virtual scams.

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