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Leader of banned Sikh group charged over ‘Khelistan’ flags in Himachal

The flags of the Khaltsini were laid up on gates of State Council Complex in Dharmshala on Sunday. PTI


Leader of Banned Sikh Organization for Justice is named after main Accused in Connection with The appearance of “Khalestan” banners And writing on the walls on walls of Himachal Pradesh Association in Darm yesterday.

Gurbatwant Singh Banon has been charged under the strict anti-terror Law (Prevention) of Unlawful Activities. His organization, the Sikhs for Justice, blocked by the center in 2019 for Anti-India activities.

Himachal Police up Safety in The state after the Sikhs for justice gave a call for Conducting the “Khalestan” referendum on June 6: Borders are closed between countries and security measures are taken key government buildings.

“save in view accidents of khistani elements in neighboring countries and also accident of Tie the Khulistani banner took place in Una District on 11.04.2022 and

The last accident of lift banners And graffiti of Khalistan on The outer the border of vedan sabha in Dharamshala as well as the threat posed by the Sikhs for Justice (SJF) regarding announcement of June 6, 2022 as voting date for Khalistan referendum in Himachal Pradesh, DGP-HP issued guidance for field configurations of remain on “On high alert as of today,” said an order issued by state police chief Sanjay Kondo.

command – order added who – which senior Police officers have been instructed to monitor closely on possible hideouts of Individuals of forbidden outfit, including hotels. they have also It was directed to keep the bomb disposal teams and special units on Suspension for any emergency situation.

Officers were asked to raise security awareness personnel guard everything key So they can report it to the police if they discover anything suspicious.

after appearing of Khalistan banners graffiti writing, Chief Minister Jeram Thakur had ordered an investigation.

An intelligence alert has been issued on April 26 had warned of The sources said that such an incident. The warning claimed that the chief of sikh for Judge Gurupatwant Singh Banon has issued a letter to Himachal Pradesh Chief Ministerindicating that science of Sikh extremist Jarnael Singh Bindranuel and Khalistan will be raised in Shimla sources said.

Himachal Pradesh move to ban vehicles The flags of Pendranuel and al-Khalistani had dismayed the outlawed outfit learned.

“I condemn this cowardly incident of The flags of Khalestan are raised at the gate of Dharamshala Complex in the darkness of night. winter only session It takes place here, so there is a file need for more security arrangements only during that period,” Chief Minister Thakur tweeted in Hindi this morning.

“Benefit of This, this cowardly incident has been carried out, but we will not tolerate it. This incident will be investigated immediately and strict action will be taken against the perpetrators. I would like like to say these people That if you have the guts, come out in The light of today no in the darkness of night, “A second Tweet read.


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