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Law on state support of the Communist Party for Tarar Claims Imran Khan’s Mineral Water Bottles – Pakistan

Punjab government press secretary Ata Tarar on friday chided former prime minister Imran Khan declares his lifestyle – even bottles of drinks mineral water – for a fee for by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government.

“Even now he lives on government expenses,” Tarar said during media speak in Lahore. “The same bottle of mineral water he drinks in Peshawar is also paid for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government”.

Imran Khan, who started his “March of Azadi” from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, during which he arrived at the Wali junction. via chopper – returned to the province, as it ended abruptly.

“Millions spent over there on his security,” Tarar said. “He uses government helicopter in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Although he has left in government bad habits remain.

Tarar said, public of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa “pay millions in a day for it.” He repeated his statement about spending a lot on Imran’s safety, food and gasoline on daily.

He added: “He is a coward and cannot live without being in power. Ever since he left power he writhed like fish out of water.”

Imran Niazi sahab, who drove the nation to ruin of destruction, now received bail. he has a phobia of going to jail. ‘Cause it’s hard to provide what he needs in prison”.

Raft of criminal cases were filed against Imran and other PTI leaders in commemoration of the march in which the clashes took place with police and sporadic violence in Islamabad. Since then he has provided pre-arrest bail and subject in capital on June 25th.

Tarar also refers to manner in with which the march ended. “Even though it wasn’t enough people [in the march] – he should were brave and slept in Bani Gala. But no, he got scared, he went back seek refuge in Peshawar.

The spokesman’s criticism was made when he briefly announced The Punjab government’s austerity plans, which it says include bans on purchases of vehicles [for the public sector] or renovation of offices to create space subsidize items for poor.

“We will not buy Any new cars. No luxury spending on Any government office or residence. It has been decided that such things will be prohibited.”

He said the Punjab will soon budget there will be significant relief for in public for he “has a right to his own wealth.” He also announced what Punjabi ministers will pay for fuel out of pocket.

“The cabinet ministers of the Punjab have decided to put an end to practice of receiving government oil. All ministers will pay for it yourself, even in perform their functions.”


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