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Lavrov: Mali requests the help of a Russian military company, and Paris objects

Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, announced at the United Nations, Saturday, that Mali had asked a Russian private military company to help it fight the rebels. From an agreement to recruit military contractors from the private Russian “Wagner” group, which raised the objection of Paris, which said that this was “not in line” with the continued French presence in the West African country.

And about the military junta in Mali Lavrov stated during a press conference, “They are fighting terrorism, by the way, and they have resorted to a private military company from Russia, in light of France’s desire, as I understand, to significantly reduce its military presence there.” Russian media reported to Lavrov that the Russian government had nothing to do with this cooperation.

The French Ministry of Defense declined to comment. Paris began reconfiguring its 5,000-man “Barkhane” force in Mali to include other European partners, and early this month began redeploying from bases in northern Mali. He will supervise the transition to a democratic system through elections to be held in February 2022. His country is seeking further military assistance “to fill the void that will certainly result from the withdrawal of the Barkhane force from the north of the country.” , if you allow Russian contractors to operate in the country.

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