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Late Motilal Vora handled YI-AJL deal, Rahul Gandhi reportedly told ED | India news

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has informed the Enforcement Department of this former He was the Treasurer of Congress Motilal Vora responsible for All transactions related to the acquisition of Young Indian of Associated Journals Limited (AJL) assets worth hundreds of Crore from Congress.
congresswoman, who interrogated for Third day in a row over Young Indian (YI), a company controlled by Gandhi family taking over The assets of AJL, Personal Knowledge of Transactions under investigation for alleged money laundering in The light of a report of Income Tax Department. He denied having any knowledge of Loans or entry into residence taken by the young Indian, blame everything on immediately , who There are no more ED sources said. when approached for In response, Congress secretary Pranav Jha told TOI: “Procedures of ED of judicial nature And its leak is a criminal a crime. Therefore, we will not do that comment on He. She.”

Rahul’s interrogation will continue on Friday where he sought exemption on Thursday.
Rahul and him mother Sonia Gandhi, President of Congress, collectively owns 76% of the shares in Young Indians and the remaining 24% were retained by Fura and Oscar Fernandez (12% each).
Immediately and Fernandez died in December 2020 and September 2021 respectively.

Emergency department sources denied the suggestion that Rahul would not be allowed to leave until 11 pm out of Which design. He leaves late because after all three hours of Questioning the conference leader takes 3-4 hours of break for ‘review“His responses… effectively, we were just watching six hours to question him,” the source said.
While Rahul’s interrogation resumes on Friday, Sonia was summoned on June 23 for Questioning in The case after it sought to postpone due to of contract with covid. The emergency department had issued summons to them after recording their testimonies of Congressional Officer Mallicargon is out and party’s current treasurer Pawan Bansal in April. outside and ask also office bearers in YI and AJL.
Meanwhile, the chaos continued on Streets of central delhi with Congress workers are immersed in Arson and violent protest, broke the police gang while trying to advance towards ED office In APJ Abdul Kalam Road. Rahul, as usual, showed up after 11 am at the agency on Wednesday and took lunch break for An hour before joining the probe at 4 pm.

Investigation sources said shows After the acquisition of YI of AJL, two of YI co-founders, Suman Dubey and Sam Petroda, came out as shareholders transferring shares To Sonia and Fernandez. “led this in Transport and control of The Yi in the hands of Sonia and Rahul, both have majority shareholders of 38% each and their close associates Motilal Vora and Fernandes 12% each shares The investigation report said.
Both AJL and YI . had common set of directors who they were also The office bearers of The Congress that “helped these entities in Pregnancy out transactions between them with great speed Even without following a logical sequence of Transactions as a wise businessman, at first glance leading To the irresistible conclusion that these transactions were pre-determined, pre-planned, and phased.”
Yi . was founded with 5 lakh rupees and you do not have financial Resources to take over AJL debt of 90 crore owed to Congress. Since then, YI didn’t have any money back then of alleged purchase of Loan of 90.21 crore claimed to have taken a loan of According to the ED file.


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