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Laszlo Palkovic resigned

On Wednesday afternoon, several newspapers learned from independent sources that the Minister of Technology and Industry has resigned and the reshuffle may be due to differences in views on energy policy.

The news, according to Prime Minister Viktor Orban, has already accepted the resignation of the head of the Ministry of Technology and Industry, and Palkovic has already announced his resignation from the ministry. According to some reports, economist Csaba Lantos may become Laszlo Palkovic’s successor.

The reason for the resignation may be that the prime minister accepted the proposal of the Minister of Economic Development Marton Nagy, in which he proposed the creation of a separate energy ministry. This meant that Palkovic’s ministry would be deprived of oversight of energy matters.

The Prime Minister’s Office reacted to the news of Palkovic’s departure

Prime Minister’s Office will inform the public if there are changes in the structure of government, the Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement to MTI on Wednesday in response to press reports of the resignation of the Minister of Technology and Industry. Laszlo Palkovic.

“The Prime Minister decides on the composition of the government, if there is a change in the composition of the government, we will inform the public about this,” the message says.

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