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Larry4Leader: 10th cat Larry “enters” race become next evenings | conservative leadership

Twitter users were thrilled to see billboards all over London announcing that Larry the Cat, “Chief Mouser” No. 10, thrown his collar to the ring to become next prime minister.

Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak to be announced new leader of conservative party on Monday but campaign team behind Larry4Leader has gone to great lengths to ensure the tabby position is known.

Larry was only four years old when he was adopted from the Battersea Dog and Cat Shelter. begin his new life in politics and served as a reliable companion to three prime Ministers: David Cameron, Theresa May and outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Tweet from Larry’s Twitter account with picture of cat billboard in a union flag tie below his slogan, rapidly growing more over 14,000 likes on Saturday.

“The dream has come true”, was signed with with hashtags Larry4Leader and YesWeCat.

Users quickly noticed the billboards that appeared. up in Hackney, Peckham and others. on Roundabout Shepherd’s Bush.

“Obviously, vote for Larry as the leader of the three,” Rebecca Rose, 32, said, sharing a photo. of Larry next Sunaku and Trassu.

Above their faces says: “If you had chance, who could you vote for?

Rose later tweeted about being handed the Larry4Leader flyer and wrote, “Now it has been handed over on the way to work and I have no choice but to go with Stan… Hackney central really works overtime in support of Here is Larry the cat.

A lot of also posted Pictures of their own cats in answer larry like show of support.

“We need clarity on all of your “paws,” wrote another.

team in accusation of in the campaign Don’t panic, partner with Build Hollywood to organize billboards.

They clarified that Larry is worth for”responsible hiss policy’ and ‘don’t lie in No 10 if it’s not on comfortable pillow.

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