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LAPD is shutting down down 6th Street Bridge “until further notice” due to illegal activity

How series of dangerous speed maneuvers Continue on in new 6th Street Viaduct Bridge in downtown los angeles, speed bumps are set, and LAPD Chief Michelle Moore calls public to remain vigilantly help en already overburdened police force.

Tuesday night, LAPD shut down bridge again in an attempt to prevent crime. The closure will last “until further notice” due to illegal activity, the LAPD tweeted.

“We’re not going arrest our way out of “It is,” Moore said Tuesday at a police commission meeting. “Despite hundreds of confiscations and citations and arrests, we still see the spread of this is. That’s why I ask for in public help as well as support and help.”

speed bumps installed as city Officials hope to mitigate crimes. Central median and guardrail to prevent people from scaling arches can also be installed soon on on a temporary basis, according to Moore.

The $588 million bridge that opened to public on July 10, connecting Boyle Heights and the downtown arts district, was closed on Sunday evening. for third night in line for what the Los Angeles Police Department described as “illegal activity”.

The police has made more than 57 quotes and confiscated six vehicles over in last four days, according to Moore.

Moore said the bridge became known as place where people come ‘find your 15 minutes of fame”, climbing the infrastructure of the bridge, interrupting demonstration of traffic and posting on social media.

Majority of illegal activity is taking place people who not from the surrounding community, according to Moore.

video on social media from last weekend showed drivers spin your wheels and perform other antics on bridge, leaving scars on the pavement.

A little people at least climb on the tapelike arches that stretch along the bridge to get elevated views of Action.

Other isolated incidents included the man’s haircut. in middle of bridge last Wednesday and another shadow boxing bye wearing red cloak. driver of a car involved in July 18 crash abandoned damaged Dodge Charger on bridge and ran away on sole.

Incidents “pull limited resources, limited resources out of more urgent obligations to ensure in safety of this is location’, Moore said.

In total, the police recorded 657 street takeovers in Los Angeles is still year. They have made 352 misdemeanor arrests, 439 vehicle seizures and extradition more over 2000 quotes related to street races and captures.

Opening of Sixth Street Viaduct signposted key milestone in design project what started in 2016 to replace the vintage 1932 design.

original the bridge was an iconic Los Angeles landmark seen in movies including Grease and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, but its aging structure was deteriorating, making it seismically unstable.

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