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Lana Del Rey relies on management for ’em otional assistance’

Lana Del Rey requires her management team for “emotional support” as much as she does for profession assistance.

The Video Games vocalist made headings in May after being implicated of racial insensitivity for calling stars consisting of Doja Feline, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce as having had hits about “wearing no clothes, f**king, cheating etc” without any consequences, while she has actually been “crucified” for penning lyrics that handled violent relationships. She went on knock the claims of bigotry for being “hateful” and “spiteful” in social media posts.

In a brand-new interview with Music Week publication, the star credited her management team at Tap Music for pulling her through the difficulttimes

“Where do I even begin to pinpoint how they’ve most helped me?” she shared. “I think the way they’ve primarily helped me the most is by seeing me as a real person with unique challenges and unique gifts. They’ve understood that I have a real sensitivity about me and that that’s what makes the music pretty, but it’s what makes certain processes more challenging.”

When asked how typically her team touches base, she addressed: “Honestly, weekly… My challenges have never involved creating a record or putting out music or how to do that. I need them as much for emotional support as I do for a career guidance.”

The Blue Denim star went on to compare the management relationship to a marital relationship, describing: “We have actually experienced lows and highs together, mainly me having stress and anxiety! Of course, everyone’s life is occurring in between the records.

” I’m the godmother to Ben’s (Mawson, co-founder) first kid and love Ed’s (Millett, co-founder) family a lot and I understand it’s the very same method with them towards my family.”

Lana is set to launch her upcoming album, Chemtrails over the Nation Club, on 5 September.

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