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Lake Erie Walleye Trail: Ohio fishing scam scandal tournament


There’s something suspicious going on on in competitive fishing world.

Potential Winners of nearly $29,000 fishing in Ohio tournament were disqualified on Friday, after it was discovered that their fish was stuffed with lead weights and fish fillets.

Jason Fisher, director of Wally’s Trail at Lake Erie tournament told CNN he was immediately suspicious when one team the fish weighed almost twice that he expected them to be in Cleveland championship the weight-in.

Zander in bucket looked like They should each weighs about 4 pounds, but total weight indicated that they should be at least 7 pounds each, he said.

“I thought there just No way,” he said. “I could also hear the murmur of the crowd, like ‘no way no no way.’ “

“I physically felt the fish, I could feel hard objects inside the fish,” he said.

The moment Fischer discovered the alleged deception has been documented in several viral videos posted on social media depicting Fischer surrounded by competitors cut the fish with knife and pull out what he said was lead ball. Jacob Runyan, one member of two people team who allegedly deceived, stood silently watching in one video shared by Fischer with CNN.

“We have scales in fish,” Fischer called out. The crowd showered Runyan with insults.

“You just lost everything” one you can hear the man talking to the fisherman. Video also shows Fisher tells Runyan to leave and tells the crowd not to touch him.

Runyan and teammate Chase Kominsky were set to win $28,760 prizeFisher told CNN. prize money for each tournament which he accepts comes from the entry fee that each angler pays compete.

Fischer hosts about eight tournaments over well of per yearDrawing competitors from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, he said. Competitors face off see who can reach highest total weight for bucket of caught five zander in Lake Erie.

Neither Runyan nor Kominsky responded to CNN’s request. for comment.

Fisher said tournament officials in touch with local authorities.

Stephanie O’Grady, media and Public Affairs Specialist for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources told CNN that the department gathered evidence on Friday and is preparing a report. for Cuyahoga County Attorney’s Office.

“Because this is an open investigation, we have no further comment at this time,” she wrote. in CNN email.

According to him, Fischer was “absolutely disgusted” when he discovered the alleged deception. “It family atmosphere,” he said. “We are all proud in this kind of sports”.

“Everyone sacrifices so much” for the stage and compete in tournaments, he said.

Organization of a large event takes away his precious time added. “For someone to essentially fool them out of Not only money but family time, I can’t believe they will.”

Fischer said he knew Runyan and Kominsky from other tournaments, noting that they won several tournaments before.

But he said they won’t run the Lake Erie Walleye Trail. tournament again any time soon.

“They will never be able to fish in the mine,” he said.

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