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Lahore street crime spikes 200pcs with over 100 incidents per day

LAHORE: street crimes such as robberies and theft Gone up by 200%, with over 100 incidents reported on daily in provincial metropolis.

According to the police, street crime rate in provincial capital Lahore disappeared up drastically with over 100 boxes of robbery and theft reported daily. Most of the incidents were recorded in Iqbal city division of in city. Most of the reported cases were of theft motorcycle was reported to the police.

They are added what went gangster robberies up by 282%, and theft incidents shot up by 123%. At least 36,993 robberies and theft cases have been reported in Lahore in in last 2 months and 10 days, the police said.

Police added that four people died resisting robbery. At least 4,000 bicycle robberies and over 5000 theft incidents and 63 murders were recorded in in city in 2022.

Moreover, citizens of Karachi remain mercy of criminals too more than 70 people were killed in street crimes during first eight months of in current year already.

According to a report released by the Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC), Karachi has seen an increase in number of street crime incidents during past nine months – from January 2022 to mid-September 2022.

BUT total of 71 people were killed and nearly 300 people injuries sustained during street crime in in city in in past eight months of this is year. Nearly 12 citizens died over resistance to their predatory proposals in various parts of in city in current month.

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