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Labour hopes to ensure black-led firms access lucrative government contracts | Race

Black-led businesses may be granted more support get a profitable government contracts future Labor, work government How party refines its offer to ethnic minority voters of in next elections.

labor race task force equality led by Baroness Doreen Lawrence hopes ensure which black headed groups get chance to access fair share of billions of pounds out every year through government contracts, according to The Voice.

The Guardian understands the task force is co-chaired by Labor party Annelise Dodds chair, has also proposed mandatory reporting of the pay gap by ethnicity for firms with more more than 250 employees, with Target of close the existing gap on salaries.

A task force member and human rights lawyer Jacqueline McKenzie told the paper: “No black firms that currently benefit in general [from government contracts]African heritage firms.

Number of Representatives of the labor front, lawyers and community it is assumed that the groups discussed delivery methods new race equality law over in last a few months.

Other issues under discussion include lowering dropout rates and repealing the Citizenship and Borders Act for ensure that anyone who arrives in UK as a child in happening of so many of generation Windrush, cannot be deported, and also block governments ability deprive of citizenship.

Dodds said: “Labour will make the fight against structural racial inequality key mission in government through the passage of the Racial Equality Act to ensure security, prosperity and respect for every in this country.

“As next general Elections are coming up and Labor is gearing up for governmentThe law is in the process developed labor front benchworking with baroness Lawrence, policy and lawyers and community groups and it work constant.”

Labor, work first announced plans introduce race act of relationship in 2020, but since Keir Starmer moved to distance himself from his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn, there were some concerns that party would drop promises on antiracism made in 2019 race and a Mini Manifesto of Faith co-written with Corbin and Don Butler.

Exercise force seeks to introduce Lammy review recommendations reduce disproportionate results of the sentence for black communities. Mackenzie told The Voice the assessment on criminal justice reforms place in March, with plans to discuss racial bias at the Crown Prosecution Service.

Labor’s proposal to black community follows The Voice’s analysis, which shows one in every four black voters living in Top 100 counties with in highest black population has a Conservative MP who will protect small majority on next elections.

Analysis of in latest census data shows Africa and the Caribbean population in UK rises to four million, boosting potential impact of in black vote regarding the deputies who won the marginals in elections 2019.

American human rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton to visit UK next a week to start the largest voter registration drive along with Lord Simon Woolley, who was director of Operation Black Vote for almost three decades.

Lord Woolley told The Voice: “As always, elections won and lost small fields. Those small margin can be easily determined black vote. That’s why I call black voters to register vote, for more voice, for greater equality. It takes three minutes. we can decide who he has the keys to Downing Street.”

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