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Labor attack zombies government’as Boris Johnson returns from holiday | Boris Johnson

Labor has hit out at 15 consultations in Whitehall left with no response of what he called “zombies government’as Boris Johnson arrived back in work from almost a week holiday.

After criticism for reportedly on his way to Slovenia while his chancellor was also left despite dire economic warnings and calls for help those struggling with in cost of living crisis leaving prime minister was told to get on with rule the country”.

It’s been revealed over the weekend that in more how half of in governments key departments, ministries announcements were withdrawn at short notice, legislation stalled and deadlines missed on publication of policy the documents.

latest criticism of government was for not answering more more than a dozen consultations that are used to provide feedback on plans for review and improve the policy.

Treasury Department minister Alan Mack confessed to Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves that in in current parliamentary session that began on May 10: “We identified 15 calls. for indications or consultations which are closed but which government hasn’t answered yet.”

In response to criticism of Mack’s confession, Treasury spokesman said they are continuing consultations on tax issues under review” to ensure policies are “fair and appropriate for goal”.

Angela Rayner, Labor’s deputy leader, said the country was “stuck in a stalemate over the Conservatives” and that the consultations were “just Clue of iceberg when it comes to bad track record of conservators for delivery on their promises.

She is added: “They make empty promises, open meaningless consultations, then hope that public won’t notice when they fail actually govern.”

She is took target Tory leadership contenders Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak for seems “more interested in announcing non-funding fantasy economy than the capture of many of in problems facing our country”.

Rayner said instead of attacking each other and with in government “having checked out”Conservatives”should get on with rule the country”.

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Johnson due to start work again in Downing Street from Monday and Chancellor Nadhim Zahavi also expected to be back in in office after in a week.

Although business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng, confessed: “I don’t know where is Boris, when prime minister reportedly rested with his wife Carrie in Slovenia, Kvarteng insisted on his boss was “on Top of what is happening”.

According to Liberal Democrat spokeswoman Christine Jardine, Johnson “was nowhere to be seen.” She said: “People are terribly worried about the rising bills and the recession around corner.

“We have zombies government and prime minister missing in action. The country deserves the best at this time of national a crisis.”

Johnson has four more weeks left in downing street like prime minister while the competition for his replacement continues.

When he retired on in steps of No. 10, Johnson admitted that it was “painful not to be able to see so many ideas and projects for himself” and insisted, “I want To you know that from now until new prime minister is in placeyour interests will be taken into account and government of country will bear on”.

Truss and Sunak rivalry for members votes, which means that many Conservative MPs dedicate a lot of their time for campaign for their candidate of choice.

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