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Kyndryl has completed its spin-off from IBM

IBM Global Technology Services’ managed infrastructure services business, as reported in an exclusive interview in January, began spin off earlier this year to become a stand-alone, listed company later this year. This process ended on November 4, when public trading in Kyndryl (KD) securities began on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Kyndryl has nearly 90,000 employees and more than 60 employees worldwide. provides consulting, implementation and management services integrating development, security and operations to more than 4,000 global companies in its country, including three-quarters of Fortune 100-listed organizations, major banks and insurers, telecommunications and trading companies, airlines and automotive companies.

After the business spin-off originally announced last fall, IBM will continue to focus on hybrid cloud platforms and artificial intelligence, and Kyndryl, as a leaner organization, will design, operate and upgrade customer infrastructure with greater agility than before – the latter the new company’s European, Middle Eastern and African regional leaders reaffirmed the spin-off,

Digital transformation services are increasingly in demand worldwide, with a market expected to grow to over 500 billion by 2024. Kyndryl seizes this opportunity with its expertise in creating, managing and modernizing business-critical IT systems, focusing on areas and building on technologies such as cloud, 5G, edge and Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence ( AI) and applications, support for modern work environments and hybrid work, and cybersecurity and disaster recovery.

Kyndryl has completed its spin-off from IBM

Although Kyndryl will continue to be IBM’s largest partner in all of this, as an independent service provider it will also work with a wider range of technology partners and ecosystems than before. . The new company is also recruiting, and it is worth visiting its website for job offers.

Kyndryl starts its independent life in a stable financial position with annual sales of $ 19 billion, investment-recommended credit ratings and long-term client relationships that provide a steady source of revenue. they pose. On the day before the listing, IBM shareholders received one Kyndryl share for every five shares. Following the paper split, IBM currently has a 19.9 percent stake in Kyndryl.

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